• Sep6

    Stuff to Check Out: Labour Day Long Weekend

    Happy Sunday! Hopefully you’re all getting in some quality R & R before the return to September “normalcy,” whatever that means for you. We’re staying close to home this weekend, but planning a trip to the mountains in a few weeks. The cool thing about being able to do virtual training is as long as…… Read More

  • Aug16


    Imagine you want to get into really good, and I mean awesome physical shape. Strong, lean, whatever that means to you. You start going to the gym, watching what you eat, and feel really accomplished. Rock on you nimble gazelle you! But then 3 days later you’re derailed. Something happened, either work, family, a bad…… Read More

  • Aug4

    Strong Shoulder Exercises for Life-Long Training

    Today’s guest post comes from superstar trainer Meghan Callaway, author of the Ultimate Pushup Program and the Ultimate Pullup Program, both of which are on sale from today August 4th until August 9th at midnight for a slick 50% off the regular price. *****   If you want to train consistently and achieve top results,…… Read More