• Mar22

    Find A Way

    There are some things you learn best in calm, and some learned best in the storm.”  – Willa Cather This week has been a massive one. If you’re a trainer and work in a gym that isn’t currently closed, you likely will be within the week. If you go to the gym, you’ve likely seen…… Read More

  • Mar15

    High Tensile Strength: Free Access

    It’s a weird time in the world right now. If you still have access to a gym, you’re probably flipping a coin each day as to whether it still will be open tomorrow. If you’re in self-isolation or quarantine, you’re likely bored and want some way to stay active or just work out stress. I…… Read More

  • Mar8

    You Should Train Clients In Person Before Even Thinking About Online Coaching

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down with Eric Helms and Omar Isuf for their Iron Culture Podcast, where we covered a ton of info ranging from mobility training to adapting training programs away from strictly held rigid guru type programming. One thing we discussed what the idea of online coaches who have maybe…… Read More