• Aug10

    Training Shoulder Stability and Mechanics without Feeling Like You’re in Rehab Purgatory

    There’s usually 2 distinct camsp when it comes to shoulder training: smash and thrash with all the compound lifts possible, then lateral raise until impingement makes your left eye go numb, or…… Train so delicately that the simple chance of a single bead of sweat popping up on your brow is less than my ability…… Read More

  • Aug9

    Training Breathing as a Mobility Tool

    I know, I know, everyone’s eyes tend to glaze over when ever you think about breathing training. I get it, most breathing drills are as boring as reading stereo instructions or watching the 90210 reboot. Most people think “well, I’ve been breathing all my life, I figure I’m doing it pretty well smart guy!!” Well,…… Read More

  • Aug8

    Plyometrics for the Elderly Client

    I’m sure people reading this who have done some form of plyometric training before think I’m looking to take great aunt Gladys and start smashing depth jumps or explosive med ball throws and catches on day one. Probably not, but that being said I have a few clients in their 70s doing box jumps, bounding…… Read More