• Jun17

    Hybrid Personal Trainer: Combining Online & In-Person Training for Revenue and Personal Fulfillment

    Today’s guest post comes from Joel Ohman, founder & CEO of Exercise.com, the platform I’ve personally used for my online coaching program for a few years now. Online training has helped me develop consistent revenue that’s not geographically restricted, connected me to people around the world, and provided unique opportunities, so Joel is going to…… Read More

  • May29

    Stuff to Check Out: End of May Edition

    So how’s the week treating you so far? Going on any good vacations in the next few weeks? Taking any time for you? That’s nice. Well, I guess it’s good that I have a jam-packed Stuff post to keep you entertained until you get some sweet days off.   Workshops Even More Complete Shoulder &…… Read More

  • May24

    12 Days Of Dead Bugs

    Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been doing a mini series on Instagram covering the ins and outs of dead bugs. To give everyone access to it, I wanted to showcase the entire series here in today’s post. Enjoy!   View this post on Instagram 12 days of dead bugs. 🐜 🕷 🐛 Day One…… Read More