• Mar14

    1 Year In: The Self-Employment Experiment

    January 1, 2018: I had zero clients. I had just walked away from a career in a health club after spending the previous 14 years there. It was a good experience overall but it was time to move on as a new opportunity presented itself. A new facility was opening up which gave trainers the…… Read More

  • Mar11

    3 Band Shoulder Stability Drills You Probably Haven’t Tried, but Should

    Shoulder stability drills tend to fall into a couple categories: training concentric action of the shoulder with stuff like external rotations for the rotator cuff, or dynamic stabilization drills like using the Shake Weight.   In the first example, the goal is to create strength through the muscles so that they’re better at resisting positional…… Read More

  • Mar7

    Training vs. Working Out

    I put up a post on Twitter and Instagram a few days ago that seemed to resonate with a lot of people. View this post on Instagram 10,000 hours to mastery of a skill is somewhat misleading. Did you spend those hours uniformly obsessed with improving your aptitude and execution of that skill? Punching the…… Read More