• Jun7

    Stuff to Check Out: June Edition

    It’s been a while since I shared a run around the interwebz for some of the best content, and just entertaining stuff I like, so check it out. Podcast Appearances Fearless Podcast – Podcast link HERE You can also watch on Youtube: The Grafters Podcast Click HERE to listen   4 Butchered Exercises and How…… Read More

  • May31

    Will You Die If You Wear a Mask While Working Out?

    Short answer: No, of course not. What kind of silly question is that? Long answer: rest of this post.   With many gyms beginning to slowly re-open, and many jurisdictions still preventing them (including Alberta), there’s a lot of discussion about how to re-open while limiting the spread or potential risk of spread, and one…… Read More

  • May24

    The Great Running Experiment

    Last July I spent about 11 days in Australia, which was a fantastic experience overall, however on my trip back home I experienced a few travel woes. Essentially, I wound up making a broken field sprint through the Sydney airport to make my connecting flight from Melbourne to Vancouver, as this post outlines. Now whether…… Read More