• Jan3

    Stuff to Check Out: New Years 2019 Edition

    If you were anything like me, you spent New Years Eve at home and were in bed by 10. The life of a party animal, am I right? Cool. Let’s dive right into the stuff.   Workshop Stuff Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Tony Gentilcore and I are continuing our new content series…… Read More

  • Jan1

    Possible Trends for 2019

    It’s a new year, which means people are making plans to do big things and lead better lives. In the fitness industry, that means ramping up marketing of every possible workout plan, diet, coaching sale, and whatever else people could do to help capitalize on that fresh motivation to get fit and have fun in…… Read More

  • Dec30

    Surviving The Gym During January

    We know it’s coming. It’s almost inevitable, you’re probably hearing rumblings of it now, and it’s only going to intensify. People will complain about the gym being busier than usual in January. I’ve never understood why people would complain about more people being in a gym. The main goal of the health and fitness industry…… Read More