• Feb13

    Mental Skills for Big Lifts (And small ones too!)

    Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Lisa Lewis, EdD, CADC-II, Licensed Psychologist, and co-contributor for The Complete Trainer’s Toolbox, which she’s loaded chock full of awesome Jedi Mind Tricks to help take your mental strength to the same level as your deadlift. *****   Not that long ago, my husband was preparing to attempt a 600lb deadlift.…… Read More

  • Feb11

    The Complete Trainers Toolbox is Available Now!

    I’m really excited to release a new product today, The Complete Trainers Toolbox, a collaborative project between myself as well as Tony Gentilcore, Dr. Lisa Lewis, Luke Worthington, Dr. Sam Spinelli, Kellie Davis, Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, Meghan Callaway, and Alex Kraszewski.   The basis for why we wanted to produce a product like this…… Read More

  • Feb7

    Stuff to Check Out: Post Groundhog Day Edition

    I still can’t believe we look to small domestic rodents to predict the weather. In Edmonton even if he sees his shadow, it’s a guarantee we have at least another 6 weeks of winter. So let’s go through some stuff to help keep you warm   NEW PRODUCT ALERT! The Complete Trainers Toolbox is a…… Read More