• Jan26

    “How Often Should I Do This?” How to Answer The Homework Question

    Every client I train gets some form of homework to do on their own outside of our sessions, especially if we’re training only once a week or less. There’s a lot of hours in the week I’m not pointing to things and telling them how many times to move it or when their rest periods…… Read More

  • Jan18

    Stuff to Check Out: Deep Freeze Edition

    We survived it fam. It was colder that a yeti fart this week, with daily highs around -40C on a few occasions, and windchills in the -50s. For those measuring in Freedom units south of the Wall, that’s bloody cold. It happens every year, and to be fair this year has so far been quite…… Read More

  • Jan12

    Writers Block and New Years Resolutions

    Last week I put up a post announcing I’d try to put out a new blog post once a week for 2020. I made it through the first week, and then……..   WRITERS BLOCK I have a lot of stuff I could write about, but just can’t seem to put pen to paper, so to…… Read More