Posted September 6, 2020

Stuff to Check Out: Labour Day Long Weekend

Happy Sunday! Hopefully you’re all getting in some quality R & R before the return to September “normalcy,” whatever that means for you. We’re staying close to home this weekend, but planning a trip to the mountains in a few weeks. The cool thing about being able to do virtual training is as long as I have a wifi connection and my laptop, it doesn’t matter where I am, and doing a trip from Sunday to Tuesday is CONSIDERABLY cheaper than Friday to Sunday.


Stuff I’ve Appeared In

Total FitHeads Podcast:

Audio only link HERE

We dug into things like whether you need to stretch for your goals, how to get the most from your mobility training, how men and women are different with respect to % of 1 rep max endurance, and whisky mile versus beer mile physiology.


What is Overtraining Syndrome? Lauren Bedosky via The Vitamin Shoppe

I was able to contribute to this piece outlining what overtraining syndrome is, how to avoid it or bounce back from it, and whether you even need to be concerned about it at all.


Deadlift Daily to Get Stronger – me via

This is a piece I wrote 5 years ago and was recently bumped again. The funny thing is that people initially read this and thought I was recommending deadlifting every single day for all eternity, not that this was meant to be just a one week micro cycle to spur some new gainz. I’m pretty sure this would kill most mortals if they tried it for a month straight or more, but one week is definitely a good kick in the pants.


Other Stuff

Take Your Vacation Days Before You Regret It – Kathryn Vasel via

I have a lot of clients who seem to have a sense of pride about never taking their vacation days, saying they’ve banked weeks if not months of time. The truth is, these vacation days are meant to be taken, are usually built into your salary, and are a nightmare for payroll if they have to pay them out for not being taken. Essentially, not taking them means you’re willing to work for free, are likely to be more stressed out and unproductive, and willing to skip taking care of yourself for an employer who would consistently replace you at any time with minimal thought.


A Sold-Out Zoom Magic Show Offers a Secret Backdoor Way to “Attend” – David Hochman via

As someone who hosts live events, I’ve been thinking of how to make a live experience beneficial at a distance. This article shows an awesome way to provide an experience to the viewer, and something that could be replicated within the fitness industry for the creatives looking to capitalize on a worldwide audience that don’t need to travel, pay for hotels, etc to get world-class educational experiences and opportunities. Maybe 2021 will be a shift in continuing education delivery?


Anti-Racism Workshops – Dr. Farha Shariff October 1st & 8th

Developed for medical professionals, I think a lot of the content could easily be applied within the fitness arena, and registration is free. Communication with clients comes down to understanding where they’re at, what language affects them most (be it specific words, tones, phrases), and how to create an environment where they feel comfortable and included.

Understanding how to reduce implicit and explicit barriers to entry can be a significant benefit for those looking to access fitness, and having the skills to understand how to do that with all people will make a huge difference in trainers looking to be a positive influence in the lives of ┬átheir communities plus reach a broader cross section of those they’re trying to help.


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