• Jan18

    Nobody's Perfect. No one's Normal Either!!

    I have a few clients that when faced with a challenge will always say that their performance wasn’t “good enough.” No matter what they do, it never seems to measure up to their own expectations of what they thought they should be able to do. Let’s say they are doing a balance exercise and they…… Read More

  • Jan13

    My Hatred for the Word "Can't"

    Every day I meet people who want to change something about themselves, whether it means losing a few pounds, getting stronger, recovering from an injury or medical condition, they all want to make something different about themselves. Some people are easier to change than others. A client who is in good shape and wants to…… Read More

  • Jan12

    Fitness Trends that have Died. Fitness Trends that Should Die

    With the start of the new decade, there are inevitably some of those fitness trends that will become all the rage as well as those that will fizzle and burn out. I’d like to break down some of my favorites and how they have come to pass, as well as play Nostradamus and predict those…… Read More