Posted September 21, 2020

Online Trainer Certification: Start Today for $0

Online training has become a considerably beneficial business offering for a lot of fitness professionals. Whether running virtual group training sessions to one on one training, to more “traditional” online coaching options, more and more trainers are jumping into this marketplace, and for good reason.

With many brick and mortar gyms and studios shutting down, and the mass appeal of at home programs like Peloton, plus how every fitness equipment supplier in the world is sold out of all stock because people are buying gear for home, being a trainer who can meet people where they are and offer a competitive, high valued service can find a significant way to keep their businesses running and even thriving during hard times.

One of my preferred options for learning how to run online coaching, plus find different ways to provide better service, marketing, and promotions, is the Personal Trainer Development Centres Online Trainer Certification.

They’re not only the best certification for online coaching on the market, but they stand by their product with some pretty amazing offers. Like a free trial for a month.


How does the FREE TRIAL work? It’s easy …


  1. Click on THIS LINK


  1. Pay NOTHING today. Nada. No hidden fee.


  1. Get instant digital access to the entire OTA curriculum, including:
  •   the seminal 338-page textbook, The Fundamentals of Online Training (V3.0)
  •   video lessons to accelerate your learning
  •   your step-by-step workbook (so you can build your business as you go)


  1. If after 30 days you’re loving your results, do nothing and you’ll be charged your 1st (of 12 total) monthly payments of just $87.


And if within 30 days you decide the program isn’t for you? No worries! Just let the folks at OTA know and they’ll cancel your access and won’t charge you a penny.

The total cost of the level 1 certification is roughly the cost of one online coaching client for a 3 month period of training, so if the tools inside help you gain one client, it’s paid for itself. If you can expand your online coaching offerings significantly, it’s a no brainer.

I started offering online coaching about 10 years ago, solely because someone emailed and asked “Hey, would you be able to give me a program and some technical feedback if I pay you?” From there, I had to figure out how to actually do that, build systems and processes on my own, try to find ways of getting paid, delivering programs, creating a video library of exercises to show clients what to do, and essentially fail forward all the way.

Life would have been a lot easier if I’d had this certification all those years ago.

Give it a shot. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain, and if you’re not happy at all and for any reason, you can avoid paying a cent.

The sale ends Friday September 25th at midnight, so get on it asap.

Click HERE to learn more and order