• May13

    How To Train Around Hip Pain for Hockey: Your Off-Season Survival Guide

    With hockey players entering into off-season training, I wanted to showcase some ways to get jacked and swole while also avoiding some common issues hockey players wind up facing on a regular basis. Today I have a guest post by NHL performance coach Kevin Neeld and co-author Travis Pollen. Kevin and Travis just released Speed…… Read More

  • May9

    To Arch or Not To Arch? It’s a Complex Question

    I work in a commercial facility that caters to a lot of powerlifters and olympic lifters. We have competition quality Eleiko equipment for both, so it stands to reason that if you want to compete, you’ll train at the gym that uses the equipment you’ll have to compete with. One element that always raises an…… Read More

  • May6

    Keeping Cool While The World Burns Around You

    2 weekends ago I was in Philadelphia teaching Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint with Tony Gentilcore (dates still coming up in Edmonton, Sydney and Melbourne Australia). At least I was supposed to be, but life had other plans for me that weekend. You see, one of the unfortunate elements of travel by air…… Read More