• Aug20

    How to Get Through “Tight” Hip Flexors

    Today’s post is a quick hit on stuff you can do if you run into a common problem a lot of people find: tight hip flexors. While “tight” can be a pretty broad term, it usually comes down to a couple key scenarios: The hip flexor muscles are working hard and get tired and sore…… Read More

  • Aug10

    Training Shoulder Stability and Mechanics without Feeling Like You’re in Rehab Purgatory

    There’s usually 2 distinct camsp when it comes to shoulder training: smash and thrash with all the compound lifts possible, then lateral raise until impingement makes your left eye go numb, or…… Train so delicately that the simple chance of a single bead of sweat popping up on your brow is less than my ability…… Read More

  • Aug9

    Training Breathing as a Mobility Tool

    I know, I know, everyone’s eyes tend to glaze over when ever you think about breathing training. I get it, most breathing drills are as boring as reading stereo instructions or watching the 90210 reboot. Most people think “well, I’ve been breathing all my life, I figure I’m doing it pretty well smart guy!!” Well,…… Read More