• Aug7

    Getting Your Best Squat Stance Possible

    I’ve written a bunch on how hip anatomy may dictate specific mobility, positioning and available exercises that can be useful for an individual, but I haven’t outlined in a blog post or public video before how you can fine tune your stance to find a position that works best for you and your specific anatomy.…… Read More

  • Aug5

    Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Video Series Available Now!

    This past year has been a busy one. Training clients in person, online coaching clients, Game of Thrones series finale, and along the way, Tony Gentilcore and I started teaching workshops on all-new content for the Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint. Since we started last September, we’ve taught it in Houston TX, Ljubljana…… Read More

  • Jul11

    Don’t Limit Yourself

    I’m in Australia at the moment, getting set to do 2 back to back weekend workshops with Tony Gentilcore. This marks the 7th country we’ve presented in: Canada United States UK Norway Czech Republic Slovenia and now Australia In Canada we’ve presented in 3 provinces. In the US we’ve presented in 8 states. This has…… Read More