• Dec18

    Pushing New Limits When the Weight Isn’t Getting Heavier

    Every now and then I’ll have a coaching client (online or in-person) get flustered when they hit a plateau. They try to find out if there’s something special they should be doing, drinking, avoiding, sleeping on/in/with/near to help improve their performance to squeak out some more weight on the bar than last week. Maybe there’s…… Read More

  • Dec5

    The Problem with Choice

    I remember the first time I ever went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was in Paramus, New Jersey of all places. When we arrived, it was insanely busy being a Saturday, so once we made it to a table we were presented with a phone book for a menu. There were so many…… Read More

  • Nov26

    Best Exercise In Ever: Panda Flyes plus sweet Cyber Monday Deals

    Here’s a sweet new flye variation I saw on Instagram a little while ago from Simeon Panda. I started using it myself and found it was immeasurably easier on my shoulders than a regular flye, and my clients who want to jack their pecs feel the same way.     Give it a shot and…… Read More