• Jan25

    How Does The Fitness Industry Move Forward

    2020 was a tough year for the fitness industry. With the initial shut downs, massive regional differences in access to financial aid, and a wary membership base, many gyms are either permanently closed or on the brink of closure. Independent studios are in similar boats, and many independent contract trainers are seeing significant shifts in…… Read More

  • Dec2

    Random Thoughts on Fatigue and Training to Failure

    There’s a time and place for everything in the training world. There’s a great quote, I think attributed to Dan John, and paraphrasing, “Everything works, until it doesn’t.” You can gain muscle with bodyweight, high reps, heavy weights, twice a week training or 6 times a week. You can lose bodyfat with a caloric deficit,…… Read More

  • Nov2

    Stuff to Check Out: Pre Election Edition

    For all my American friends, tomorrow represents a big day for your democracy. For my friends in the rest of the world, it’s Tuesday. We’ll still watch because America affects us all, and to be honest, it’s somewhat entertaining to see from a distance, but hopefully everyone south of the wall gets a chance to…… Read More