• Jun18

    I’m Pretty Sure I Had COVID-19. I Have the Data To Show It Too

    Currently the only way to definitively show whether you have the COVID-19 virus is with a direct test, during the time when the virus is active in your body. If you wait to essentially “heal” from the virus, the tests don’t detect an active load. Alternatively, serum antibody testing can tell if you’ve previously had…… Read More

  • Jun7

    Stuff to Check Out: June Edition

    It’s been a while since I shared a run around the interwebz for some of the best content, and just entertaining stuff I like, so check it out. Podcast Appearances Fearless Podcast – Podcast link HERE You can also watch on Youtube: The Grafters Podcast Click HERE to listen   4 Butchered Exercises and How…… Read More

  • May31

    Will You Die If You Wear a Mask While Working Out?

    Short answer: No, of course not. What kind of silly question is that? Long answer: rest of this post.   With many gyms beginning to slowly re-open, and many jurisdictions still preventing them (including Alberta), there’s a lot of discussion about how to re-open while limiting the spread or potential risk of spread, and one…… Read More