Posted October 4, 2020

Scientific Applications of Mobility Training Webinar, December 5th

In May I put on a webinar that was supposed to be a live event, and even with technological restrictions it seemed to go very well with great feedback from those who attended. Not only that, but we had people from all over the place sign in: Israel, Norway, Netherlands, and 5 states and 4 provinces, who most likely wouldn’t have made the trip to the live event, so that was pretty cool to see.

I decided to make it a returning event, so on December 5th I’ll be hosting Scientific Applications of Mobility Training live from the #basementofchampions.

This 6 hour virtual workshop goes in depth to the research on mobility training, what works and how effective it is, and when to use different modalities of mobility effectively for the specific concerns of the client in front of you.

Some of the big concepts I cover include:

  • When and how should you use static stretching for the best results?
  • How are mobility programs different for a 70 year old client and a 20 year old hypermobile client?
  • How long should it take to see results from mobility training, and how much improvement should be expected?
  • Developing a tailored mobility approach, from assessment to outcomes
  • Differentiating the cause of limited mobility (is it muscular, neural, structural, or motor pattern specific?)
  • coaching different approaches, plus specific breakouts for goals like improved squat and overhead positioning


Because the workshop will be hosted on Zoom, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, appear on camera, or even be there at the specific time of the event. It will be recorded and distributed to ONLY the registered attendees, which means even if you’re in a time zone that limits your access to this specific event, you can still review it at your leisure afterwards.

I’ve capped attendance at 50 people, so space is limited. Click the following link for more information and to register.

Click HERE for more info