• Apr30

    Finding a Spark

    A few years ago I was training a woman who started training to lose some weight, feel good, and be able to garden without pain, plus deal with some small nagging sorenesses. She would come in once a week regularly, and put forth a good effort in each session, but every week she would say…… Read More

  • Apr28

    The Ultimate Pushup Program

    Today my good friend Meghan Callaway released her long-awaited follow up to her Ultimate Pullup Program with a massive Ultimate Pushup Program.  In this guide she breaks down some of the most common problems with success in pushups, like weak core muscles, poor exercise selection to improve the pattern, and wonky shoulder kinematics that make…… Read More

  • Apr26

    Act 3 Of Your Own Success Story

    In most epic stories featuring a protagonist winning the day, the story follows a fairly predictable path, first outlined in ancient mythology but later quantified by Joseph Campbell in his “Hero’s Journey” concept. Essentially, the steps of the journey take the hero from their initial state, through some trials and tribulations, challenges that seem unsurmountable,…… Read More