Posted June 7, 2020

Stuff to Check Out: June Edition

It’s been a while since I shared a run around the interwebz for some of the best content, and just entertaining stuff I like, so check it out.

Podcast Appearances

Fearless Podcast –

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You can also watch on Youtube:

The Grafters Podcast

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4 Butchered Exercises and How to Fix Them –

This was  great article I was able to provide a small part to, and I definitely agree that I see these movements done regularly and have to reverse engineer them to make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing versus just flailing around for time.

Starting to Exercise Again After Lockdown – New York Times

Think you’re going to go back to the barbells and lift the same as you did on the day the gym was locked up? Think again. This article has some solid advice for different activities, plus specific guidance on setting your weights for the first few weeks back from people who kinda know a thing or two about muscles.

Meet Marc Miller, NYCs Underground Dumbbell Dealer –

Who would have thought one of the hottest commodities of a global pandemic would be at home workout gear? This was a fascinating read, and dovetails perfectly into THIS OTHER PIECE outlining why equipment is so hard to find too.

Letter From a Religion in My Mind – James Baldwin via

This was a magnificent article, originally published in 1962, written by a man who had a massive influence on shaping race relations through the civil rights era and in to today. Mya Angelou counts him as a mentor, so that should tell you something about the quality of the individual.


Social Media Stuff

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Everyone deals with trauma in different ways. Some turn in to themselves more, shutting the world out. Some reach for substances to numb their senses. Others may find something external to focus on, like exercise or some other thing they can control, maybe even obsessively. For the past month with the world entirely shut down, I’ve managed to get in only 3 workouts, today being one of them. It’s not for a lack of a gym, as I have a pretty sweet set up in my basement. It’s not for a lack of time, or a lack of knowledge of how to do it. It’s just been the absolute last thing I’ve wanted to do. Between training clients, online programs, adjusting to life and work from home, I’m sure there are many opportunities to do something physical, but nope. I know I’m not alone in this. If your job is now from home, kids have home schooling, or if you lost your job or worse a loved one, this has been a cataclysmic shift, and change is traumatic. There’s no one way to deal with it best, just ways that work for you, and are ideally healthy versus self destructive. Hopefully you’re taking care of all of Maslows Needs hierarchy, and only then can you think of digging into Blooms taxonomy. My only advice: don’t pressure yourself to get into better shape, write a novel, finish a course, or start a new industry a la Uber or AirBnB from your kitchen table if you aren’t ready to do it. That will just layer guilt on top of trauma. We’ll get through this. Give yourself a break, breathe, and when you’re ready, the world will be there for you. Time to max out on my warm up.

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BTW, I see you 14%, spent 2 months complaining about not being able to work out and skipping legs again on day one. Shame.