• May24

    The Great Running Experiment

    Last July I spent about 11 days in Australia, which was a fantastic experience overall, however on my trip back home I experienced a few travel woes. Essentially, I wound up making a broken field sprint through the Sydney airport to make my connecting flight from Melbourne to Vancouver, as this post outlines. Now whether…… Read More

  • May21

    What Your Tight Piriformis is Telling You

    Today’s post is a guet post from Dr. Sarah Duvall. If you’ve seen some of her previous posts, you know she always crushes it and this post is no exception. Enjoy. ***** The piriformis is one of those fun muscles that likes to let you know in a dramatic way when it’s feeling tight. Not…… Read More

  • May10

    Some Considerations For Re-Opening Fitness Centres

    With the world slowly starting to come out of lockdown, many fitness facility owners and trainers are looking at how they will start to get back to some semblance of normal. However, until a vaccine is developed and the risk of transmission is eliminated or significantly contained, normal will just be a far off dream…… Read More