• Jul24

    Stuff to Check Out: End of July Edition

    This year feels like it’s moving incredibly fast, maybe it’s just me. This has nothing to do with this posts Stuff, but just a general observation. Anyway…..   Speaking Stuff AFPT Convention, Oslo Norway, September 1-3, 2017 I attended this event last year and was kindly asked back to speak again. If you’re looking for…… Read More

  • Jul17

    Stretching Isn’t Bullshit

    Todays post comes from Jasper De Coninck, a Belgian physio who also has experience with strength training. Enjoy. ***** [Disclaimer: For the laymen, who are just interested in the essence of the article and whether to stretch or not to stretch, short summaries are in the underlined centered sentences.] Stretching is quite the controversial term…… Read More

  • Jul12

    Perceived Value and the Fitness Industry

    A few days ago, a well-known celebrity trainer, whose methods I’ve discussed HERE, opened a new facility on the Upper East Side in New York City, with monthly memberships around the $900 a month mark. This alone caused a lot of uproar from people on social media, ranging from stating it’s a waste of money…… Read More