• Sep21

    Stuff to Check Out: Wake Me Up When September Ends Edition

    It’s been cold and crappy all week in Edmonton, with temperatures just above freezing and the odd place actually getting snow. Just a few weeks ago it was around 30 celsius, so this week has sucked. The good news, though, is I’m off to Toronto next week as Lindsay’s competing in track cycling nationals out…… Read More

  • Sep19

    Your Hip Flexors Aren’t Tight, They’re Overworked. Here’s What to Do About It

    Today’s guest post comes from Dr. Sarah Duvall, a physical therapist who specializes in women’s health and pelvic function, and who also loves to lift stuff off the floor while helping others do the same. She also has an awesome new course on Postpartum Corrective Exercise for fitness professionals which closes on September 24th, so…… Read More

  • Sep12

    Peak Perform University Is Live

    Between running one of the most successful and sought after gyms in the world (Peak Performance in NYC) and being a regular contributor to many many MANY different publications, Joe Dowdell has built a name synonymous with excellence in the fitness industry. His new venture, Peak Perform University, has him looking to take this passion…… Read More