• Nov4

    Stuff to Check Out: Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint

    This week has been awesome so far with the fresh release of Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint, a joint venture between Tony Gentilcore and myself. As a result, we’ve collectively put out a TON of free content to get people excited about it, stoke some interest, and convince people it’s something awesome they should invest…… Read More

  • Nov3

    Podcast Episode #5 – Tony Gentilcore

    Today’s special guest is my brother from another mother, Tony Gentilcore. Tony and I have just wrapped up a series of workshops around North America and Europe, filmed the product, and put that puppy to market, so it felt fitting to have him on to discuss how this has been a big deal for him,…… Read More

  • Nov2

    3 Bro-Style Exercises That are Actually Good For the Shoulders

    A few days ago I put up a status on social media that looked like this: This was actually a follow up to a post made by a good friend, Brad Schoenfeld, where he outlined why a dumbbell front raise was actually a fairly poor choice of exercise for anterior delt development over something like…… Read More