• May16

    Lateral Hip Shift During a Squat: What’s Going On and What to Do About It

    It’s a common thing to see when someone is doing a squat workout: The walk out strong, they drop deep into the hole, and then on the way out, they wind up sticking their hips to the side in a motion path that would closely resemble a question mark. This question mark ┬áhip shift brings…… Read More

  • Apr27

    Giving Up Doesn’t Make You Weak

    The advice medical professionals will give to someone who is suffering from any overuse injury is to avoid the activity or movement that causes the pain or discomfort. The old quack addage of “Doc, it hurts when I do this,” “Well then don’t do that” is actually founded in a fair bit of science in…… Read More

  • Apr25

    How to Not Screw Up the Segmental Cat Camel

    The cat camel stretch is a drill that I often see being taught or explained, but unfortunately it looks more like a modified twerk than something designed to provide movement control through the spine. I mean, if you’re rocking this sucker so fast that you’re more closely resembling a seizure than controlled motion, you’re likely…… Read More