• Feb20

    Isometrics for Improving Range Of Motion

    I talk a lot about mobility and how important it is for getting after it in the gym. It could be said that you need to train for strength, but train for mobility to allow you to train for strength, but maybe that’s being a little reductive. In either case, it’s tough o build strength…… Read More

  • Feb15

    Podcast Episode #8: Q & A with Jon Goodman, PTDC Creator and Social Media Savant

    Today on the podcast I have a longtime good friend and occasional guy I look to for advice (when he’s somewhere in the world with wifi and can answer my emails), Jonathan Goodman. In this podcast, Jon and I talk about business stuff, the training industry, his world travels, the value of experience over things,…… Read More

  • Feb13

    3 Simple Squat Depth Solutions

    Squat depth seems to be the Holy Grail for many lifters. Apparently,¬†everyone has to squat until their tailbones are scraping along the floor or life will not give them white lights and their friends will point and laugh, and likely their significant other will leave them. I mean, it is Valentine’s Day after all, but…… Read More