• Feb20

    Symmetry Doesn’t Even Matter, And Probably Causes More Problems Than It Solves

    One of the key takeaways I want people who’ve attended any of my workshops to go home with is the fact that everyone they work with is an individual who has their own anatomy, strengths, weaknesses and goals, and as such, will approach a lot of exercises in their own unique way that may not…… Read More

  • Feb16

    Optimal Exercise Pairings for Delicious Delicious Gains

    I’m a big fan of food. Great tasting food is one of life’s truly amazing pleasures, and a well cooked steak or fantastic slice of bread or vegetable dish that makes you sit up and take notice can be some of the best parts of anyone’s day. If you go out to some fancy schmancy…… Read More

  • Feb14

    Quick Fixes to Improve Your Health: Volume 2

    Since the first volume of this series went over pretty well and had a good reaction overall from the people who checked it out, I figured I’d come back with another shot of goodness for you. We’re still not putting butter in coffee, though. That’s just ridiculous.   #1: Leave 10 minutes earlier, show up…… Read More