• Dec27

    Often Overlooked Elements to Success in Personal Training

    I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a lot of trainers – either directly through the club I worked at, through certifying new trainers, or via emails and messages from people all over the place – to help them improve their careers and give advice where I can about how to better their service delivery…… Read More

  • Dec9

    Stuff to Check Out: L2 Fitness Summit Edition

    With the launch of the L2 Fitness Summit this week, I’ve put out a bunch of free content that helped lend some ideas towards what the content in the video series is all about, and I wanted to share all the excellence that covered most of the internet. The video series is still on sale…… Read More

  • Dec8

    Podcast Episode #14: Mike Israetel

    Today’s episode of the podcast comes with a discussion on all things hypertrophy with Dr. Mike Israetel of Renaissance Periodization. I had the pleasure to listen to Mike talk about all things muscle back in September as part of the L2 Fitness Summit, and wanted to go deep into his thoughts on how to program…… Read More