• Apr26

    Act 3 Of Your Own Success Story

    In most epic stories featuring a protagonist winning the day, the story follows a fairly predictable path, first outlined in ancient mythology but later quantified by Joseph Campbell in his “Hero’s Journey” concept. Essentially, the steps of the journey take the hero from their initial state, through some trials and tribulations, challenges that seem unsurmountable,…… Read More

  • Apr5

    3 Uncommon Tips for Improving Shoulder Mobility

    While I know everyone is probably drilling the big rocks when it comes to shoulder mobility – thoracic extension, scapular upward rotation, and glenohumeral rotation – today I wanted to talk about a couple of contributing factors that often get overlooked but pay huge dividends when they get the attention they deserve in terms of…… Read More

  • Apr2

    Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Springtime Sale

    Last spring, Tony Gentilcore and I recorded our Even More Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint seminar in Edmonton, and set it loose on the world. With 12 hours of video content devoted to shoulder and hip assessment, corrective options, coaching considerations, and programming elements, this series should be a must-have for every coach, trainer, and…… Read More