• Nov2

    Stuff to Check Out: Pre Election Edition

    For all my American friends, tomorrow represents a big day for your democracy. For my friends in the rest of the world, it’s Tuesday. We’ll still watch because America affects us all, and to be honest, it’s somewhat entertaining to see from a distance, but hopefully everyone south of the wall gets a chance to…… Read More

  • Oct4

    Scientific Applications of Mobility Training Webinar, December 5th

    In May I put on a webinar that was supposed to be a live event, and even with technological restrictions it seemed to go very well with great feedback from those who attended. Not only that, but we had people from all over the place sign in: Israel, Norway, Netherlands, and 5 states and 4…… Read More

  • Sep21

    Online Trainer Certification: Start Today for $0

    Online training has become a considerably beneficial business offering for a lot of fitness professionals. Whether running virtual group training sessions to one on one training, to more “traditional” online coaching options, more and more trainers are jumping into this marketplace, and for good reason. With many brick and mortar gyms and studios shutting down,…… Read More