• Jan29

    Snapping Hips on Dead Bugs

    I love giving out dead bugs to clients. It’s one of the best core exercises to teach bracing, rib positioning, breathing under tension, and doing it all in a way that doesn’t smash out the spine with a ton of shear force or compression. However, it’s not all sunshine and puppy snuggles. Occasionally people may…… Read More

  • Jan16

    Cleaning Up Thoracic Rotation

    One of the trickiest movements to get people to go through properly is thoracic rotation. There’s a lot of places that want to take the reins on this movement, like the neck, shoulder blades, low back, hips, big toe, probably left eyeball, who knows. Part of the challenge is that thoracic vertebrae have relatively small…… Read More

  • Jan7

    How to Eat Right and Exercise When You Absolutely Hate to Eat Right and Exercise

    I totally get it. I have days and even weeks where eating vegetables and limiting sweets is more of a challenge than they should be. I have periods of the year where working out is the last thing I want to do, and often gets pushed to the side in favour of other pursuits, such…… Read More