• Aug4

    Strong Shoulder Exercises for Life-Long Training

    Today’s guest post comes from superstar trainer Meghan Callaway, author of the Ultimate Pushup Program and the Ultimate Pullup Program, both of which are on sale from today August 4th until August 9th at midnight for a slick 50% off the regular price. *****   If you want to train consistently and achieve top results,…… Read More

  • Jul2

    Complete Trainers Toolbox Canada Day Flash Sale!

    Yesterday was Canada Day, and it was unfortunately too rainy to do anything worthwhile outside other than short dog walks with their rain jackets on and to crush through some computer work, but still I thought it would be a good time to make this known to the world.   If you know, you grew…… Read More

  • Jun18

    I’m Pretty Sure I Had COVID-19. I Have the Data To Show It Too

    Currently the only way to definitively show whether you have the COVID-19 virus is with a direct test, during the time when the virus is active in your body. If you wait to essentially “heal” from the virus, the tests don’t detect an active load. Alternatively, serum antibody testing can tell if you’ve previously had…… Read More