• Oct28

    Training The Hypermobile Client

    There’s a big difference between someone who seems to have a lot of available mobility and someone who has an actual diagnosed hypermobility issue due in some part to wonky connective tissue production or repair. Here’s a brief chart on some of the potential connective tissue disorders that can impact collagen and elastin synthesis and…… Read More

  • Oct15

    Complete Trainers Toolbox Thanksgiving Sale On Now!

    Back in February a collective of trainers and therapists – Alex Kraszewski, Luke Worthington, Dr. Lisa Lewis, Meghan Callaway, Kellie Davis, Tony Gentilcore, Dr. Sam Spinelli, Dr. Sarah Duvall, and yours truly – combined forces to produce The Complete Trainers Toolbox, a collection of webinar-based lectures and active videos for a continuing education product like…… Read More

  • Oct11

    4 Keys to Recovering from Hip Arthroscopy

    Today’s guest post comes from Matt Kelly, a physiotherapist and grad student at McGill university specializing in hockey training, and if you train athletes of any stripe or work with clients who have had any kind of hip issues in the past, I think you’re going to really love digging into this post. ****** Recovering…… Read More