• Sep26

    Levelling Up Your Shoulder Health Exercises with a Simple Addition

    The idea of isolated shoulder rehab or stability exercises is such a boring use of time that I would rather mow my lawn with a pair of safety scissors we used to use in kindergarten. I’m yawning just thinking of all of those standing cable or band external rotation drills.   That being said, they…… Read More

  • Aug29

    Personal Trainer Collective is Live!

    This past October I was able to head to Jolly ol London and film some components for a new certification program being launched by the Personal Trainer Collective. This series features an online certification program for trainer hopefuls as well as a continuing education component for existing trainers looking to broaden their education in various…… Read More

  • Aug20

    How to Get Through “Tight” Hip Flexors

    Today’s post is a quick hit on stuff you can do if you run into a common problem a lot of people find: tight hip flexors. While “tight” can be a pretty broad term, it usually comes down to a couple key scenarios: The hip flexor muscles are working hard and get tired and sore…… Read More