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About Dean Somerset

BSc. Kinesiology – University of Alberta

Certified Exercise Physiologist

Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

National Strength & Conditioning Association

Medical Exercise Specialist

American Academy of Health, Rehabilitation & Fitness Professionals

I’m a personal trainer, author, and international public speaker whose main area of expertise is injury and medical dysfunction management through optimally designed exercise programs. While this is cool, my main calling is making people stronger, fitter, faster, more Kanye-er than they thought possible, even if they’re recovering from major or minor injuries, or while dealing with medical disorders.

My clientele has included clients with post-surgical joint replacement rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation & wellness, sports injury post-rehabilitation, neural impairments and spinal cord injuries, cancer patients and even elite runners and fire fighters. Training is easiest once you know where to start, which is why I try to incorporate a lot of different assessment techniques, ranging from orthopedic assessments to the Functional Movement Screen to submaximal and maximal cardio testing to determine VO2 max. Everyone has a raging beast of an athlete inside of them, and deserves to feel what it’s like to push their limits with a safe and effective program

I’ve managed to teach seminars across North America on topics ranging from Post Rehab for the Personal Trainer to Psychology and Motivation for Optimal Training. Most of my talks focus on using humour and hands-on application to keep people engaged and entertained. This has been shown to be a successful method of having participants retain key information versus just speaking and instructing. Here’s a snippet of me teaching a core assessment and function seminar, and also dropping a super sweet magic trick on a stuck hip.

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Ask yourself this: How much do you feel you get out of your current workouts?

Have you seen noticeable gains in size, strength, performance, or weight loss in the last few months? Have you felt like that nagging injury is getting better, worse or not changing at all? Do you feel on a whole better than you did 5 months or even 5 weeks ago?

Most people tend to stick to a program for waaaay to long, making it almost as routine as brushing your teeth before bedtime. Others jump programs every week, never focusing on any element, preferring to spin their wheels trying to do everything at once instead of seeing dramatic improvements in a select one or two areas. This leaves them upset, disappointed and looking for more of the same, or the new hotness from the latest issue of their favorite fitness magazine.

Now I’m sure there are some reading this who just want information on what it involves (which I’ve provided), and some who just want to send me an email (thank you), but for those who have thought it through and are ready to get the ball rolling TODAY I’ll give you a breakdown of what it costs to do distance training.

I charge a flat fee of $229 Canadian plus gst per month for distance training, and have a minimum time commitment of 3 months. The first month includes all the assessments and stuff like that, and then we’re off to the races. Each month is going to get you an individualized program and full access to me with everything mentioned above (emails, videos, all that jazz). If this sounds good to you, click the button below and we’ll get rocking right away.

By the way, this is a recurring payment each month, which means you don’t have to worry about re-submitting this form or losing an invoice. The payments are automatic, and can stop at any time you decide with a simple click.

Distance Coaching

But Dean, I don’t want a full program, but I have some issues with specific movements I’d like to get your input on. Can you still help me?

Absolutely. Technology is a great thing, and one of the main advances in the past decade is the ability to video conference with someone on the other side of the world live, which means I could meet with you over Skype to go through an assessment, figure out a corrective strategy that make be beneficial for you, and give some recommendations on how to address them going forward. It won’t require a full program, but it’s a step in the right direction compared to self-diagnosis and trying to analyze everything yourself.

For a Skype consult, we’ll schedule a time that works best for both of us (depending on time zones), use the video conferencing feature on Skype, and go through a detailed medical history, movement assessment, and corrective strategies that may be most appropriate for what you’re looking for. I can even do technical feedback for your main lifts, like deadlifts, squats, cleans, presses, etc if you have the equipment handy and want some direct coaching on what to do more effectively.

That sounds awesome!! What do I have to do to get that????

You just have to pay for the consult below and I’ll contact you as soon as possible and we’ll find a time to meet up through the interwebz.

Choose your Package

I’ll contact you within the day at the email address you provide through the order form. You can even order multiple consults for follow-ups, checking on multiple issues or technical lifts, orwhat ever you would want to discuss in more depth and detail.


If you’re not feeling either of these options, there’s one more potential way you could start training with me without moving to the frozen tundra of Edmonton. I have a private workout group on, which features monthly workout programs, challenges, community support, exclusive content and video demonstrations, as well as some of the best workouts possible, scaled to allow steady progress and reduced risk of injuries.


The best part? You get this all for less than a dollar a day. For a set $29 per month (US) you can access the group, and all the features that come with it.

Click HERE for more info and to sign up