Posted November 2, 2020

Stuff to Check Out: Pre Election Edition

For all my American friends, tomorrow represents a big day for your democracy. For my friends in the rest of the world, it’s Tuesday. We’ll still watch because America affects us all, and to be honest, it’s somewhat entertaining to see from a distance, but hopefully everyone south of the wall gets a chance to vote and vote safely.


Workshop Stuff


Scientific Applications of Mobility Training – December 5th

With covid cases runnin’ more wild than Hulkamania in the 80s, attending live in-person events kind of loses its lustre, so getting continuing education credits and picking up new skills and info can be challenging. This is why I wanted to bring back my Scientific Applications of Mobility Training workshop as a webinar. I ran this in May and it was quite successful, with people attending from 6 different countries.

We’ve already had people from 8 countries register for the event on December 5th, from 4 continents, and even if the exact time of the event doesn’t work for you and your specific time zone, you will be provided with a recording of the workshop as well as continuing education credits through the NSCA.

Click HERE for more info and to register


Other Stuff


What’s All This Positional Breathing Stuff About? The Implementation of Training Principles – Michelle Boland via

Breathing for gas exchange is pretty automatic, but breathing is essentially a mobility pump that can be utilized to get more movement from other structures, other muscles to fire up as needed, and produce better results from using it appropriately. This article touches on a bunch of reasons and ways to do just that.


Benefits of Half Kneeling and Tall Kneeling Positions – Rafal Matuszewski via

I’m a huge fan of varying positions for different drills. A standing cable press in square stance, split stance, half kneeling or tall kneeling makes for 4 very distinct challenges, and Rafal hits it out of the park on this one.


Intermittent Fasting: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly – Josh Hillis via

Will IF cause you to lose all your body fat, balance all hormones, live infinitely, and become a raging sex god? Josh answers all based on the research available. Maybe not the part about living forever though.


Do Your Shoulders Hurt When Running? – Jenny McCoy via

It’s not uncommon for shoulders to get a bit tender when you start getting on the road, and a lot of it can come down to a few factors I helped outline with this article.


How the Pandemic is Changing Our Exercise Habits – New York Times

Change breeds change. Some people went from living in gyms to trying to work out in their living rooms. Others embraced (gasp!) cardio as biking or running. Some dug into their couches and Netflix’d themselves into oblivion.

The interesting thing about change is how people adapt to it. There’s no right or wrong way, just outcomes. Hopefully people can get out and walk or see some sights around their environment and we can party hard once all restrictions are lifted and “normal” can happen again.


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