• May24

    3 Specialty Bars Every Gym Should Have, and 3 That Are Awesome To Have

    Barbells are fantastic, and something I strongly feel everyone should become somewhat proficient with. There’s hundreds of exercises you could get from them, and variations of each depending on what you’re working towards, but there are times when a straight bar just doesn’t fit with the person you’re working with, or with your own mechanics…… Read More

  • May18

    Deadlift Grip Considerations

    Everyone loves a good deadlift. Your grandma phones on Sundays to ask how your deadlift is progressing. Your dog/cat cuddles up to you harder if you have a solid pull that day. They can sense it. And really, who doesn’t want to make grandma and your pets proud of you on a daily basis? Psychopaths.…… Read More

  • May16

    Lateral Hip Shift During a Squat: What’s Going On and What to Do About It

    It’s a common thing to see when someone is doing a squat workout: The walk out strong, they drop deep into the hole, and then on the way out, they wind up sticking their hips to the side in a motion path that would closely resemble a question mark. This question mark ┬áhip shift brings…… Read More