• Mar6

    Podcast Episode 14: Lindsay Somerset and Meghan Callaway

    I know, I know, I know. It’s been like FOREEEEEEVER since I last put up a podcast. I’m terrible. But I’ve more than made up for it with today’s episode. It’s featuring 2 amazingly strong and dynamic women in very different roles within the fitness industry, talking about stuff they like and don’t like plus…… Read More

  • Feb28

    Best Exercise In Ever: This Thing with a Couple Bands and a Foam Roller

    While I’m sure the title of todays exercise is never really going to stick, hopefully we can come up with something catchy yet descriptive of how amazing and deceitfully wicked this ab exercise actually is. THIS IS THE MOST INTENSE AB EXERCISE EVER!! Oh my god I filmed this an hour ago and my abs…… Read More

  • Feb22

    6 Reasons Your Morning Weight Jumps That Aren’t Related to Fat Gain

    Today’s guest post comes from Landon Poduran, owner of L2 Fitness in Edmonton, Alberta. If the L2 Fitness name sounds familiar, that’s because they were the host of the workshop and product I released at the end of 2017, The L2 Fitness Summit, with myself and Mike Israetel. He’s also a heck of a great…… Read More