• Oct18

    Imposter Syndrome and the Fitness Industry

    Over this past weekend I was teaching a workshop in Calgary, and had a chance to have some very meaningful conversations with professionals and trainers or very different levels of expertise and experience. It’s cool to think an orthopaedic surgeon is taking a workshop on strength training and corrective exercises, but it’s also awesome to…… Read More

  • Sep29

    Why “All or Nothing” Is a Bad Idea For Pregnant Athletes

    Today I have a guest post by a Canadian personal trainer, Terrell Baldock. You may wonder why I spend so much time talking about pelvic floor health and stuff that may not make the Instagram role, and especially since I’m a large dude who likes to lift heavy stuff. Well, 51% of the population is…… Read More

  • Sep25

    Breaking Down the Quadruped Thoracic Rotation

    Thoracic mobility is kind of a big deal. It’s a major driver for often overlooked things like breathing and walking. I mean, who needs to do either of those things during their day, am I right? Sure, getting some rotation is awesome for throwing something or pressing something over your head, but a lot of…… Read More