• Apr9

    Hand-Me-Down Workouts and What’s Fashionable

    One of the worst parts of being the youngest of three boys was getting all of their hand me down clothes. I mean, free clothing is great and all, but after getting stuff that was really well worn by 2 active boys who are 6 and 4 years older than me left me with stuff…… Read More

  • Apr2

    Stuff to Check Out: Post-Easter Edition

    Sooooo, who set the top score on MyFitnessPal this past weekend? We hosted dinner on Saturday night and had 10 people crushing turkey, stuffing, and 3 types of pie. Yesterday was steady state cardio for an hour to sweat out the gravy. Worth it.   Post Rehab Essentials Flash Sale Ends Tonight I put one…… Read More

  • Mar28

    Sumo or Conventional? It Honestly, Truly, Doesn’t Even Matter

    I’ve seen a lot of debates on fitness over the years, on everything from the benefits of Bosu balls to going keto and riding in the Tour de France, all the way to what kind of socks you should wear when training. (Answer: Pedestal Footwear.) One specific debate seems to be consistently pervasive, and for…… Read More