• Feb7

    Are You Ready To Do Stuff? A Post On Mobility

    You’ve probably had a few moments in your life where you set the goal of working on improving your mobility. Who knows what sparked it. You saw an ad talking about low back pain and hamstrings somewhere. Maybe an Instagram personality who is bendier than 99.9% of humans and you thought “wow that would be…… Read More

  • Feb1

    Case Study Breakdown

    I typically get a lot of people emailing or messaging me trying to figure out some sort of pain or problem they’re having, which is somewhat unfortunate as I’m not really in a position to be able to help them out with a quick “do this and your problems are solved.” I wish it could…… Read More

  • Jan27

    Weight Loss Isn’t a Race

    I hear it all the time. A client who has made massive changes in their life by beginning an exercise program for the first time in years, changes in their dietary habits, and other lifestyle modifications all geared towards weight loss. They come in one day depressed because all of their hard work and changes…… Read More