• May22

    DNS Weightlifting Review

    A few weeks ago I was fortunate to attend a DNS Weightlifting workshop put on through Somatic Senses in Vancouver, with the instructor being Dr. Richard Ulm. This was my first exposure to any of the DNS systems, and it was a nice ease-in for a non-therapeutic population. Much of how we move is determined…… Read More

  • May17

    The L2 Fitness Summit is On Sale

    Back in December we released the L2 Fitness Summit video series with myself talking about assessment techniques, program design, and general training stuff that tends to get overly complicated or overlooked, and Dr. Mike Israetel espoused on all things hypertrophy for an entire day, covering everything from volume to intensity to nutrition and even the…… Read More

  • May7

    Hip Internal Rotation – What You Can and Can’t Do to Improve It

    Today’s post comes from Alex Kraszewski, a physical therapist who actually lifts a metric ton of weight (because, English), while also knowing a thing or two about structural anatomy, mobility, and getting jacked as all hell. Enjoy. *****   Hip internal rotation is kind of a big deal. You need it to walk, squat, twist,…… Read More