• Jan9

    Stuff You Should Check Out: Resolution Edition

    I’ve worked out every day since I started vacation back on December 21st, so I have that going for me. How’s your training program going? Getting in the time and making the weights quake? If not, you probably need a program to follow, so do yourself a solid and check out my High Tensile Strength…… Read More

  • Jan4

    A New Era

    The time comes for all of us where a change has to be made. It’s not a matter of life or death, or being forced into a position, but rather seeing an opportunity and viewing it at a great possibility. After 13 years, I’ve decided to leave working at a commercial gym and start training…… Read More

  • Jan2

    Resolutions That Actually Work

    It’s that time of year again. People will be starting up new fitness regimens and trying to live healthier lives all over the place.   That’s awesome   That’s kind of the main reason people get into the fitness industry in the first place, and it’s something I would hope most trainers and fitness professionals…… Read More