• Nov30

    High Fives and Participation Ribbons

    I end every session with a high five, whether the client demolished their workout or just went through the motions. Each person has a different goal set for being in the gym, and their specific motivation to achieve those goals is entirely different as well. Take my client who just returned from the Paralympic games…… Read More

  • Nov29

    Podcast Episode #6: The Olympians – EJ “Pow” Parris

    Today I wanted to bring you an interview with former Olympian EJ “Pow” Parris. EJ was on the teamĀ in the 4x100m relay for Team Canada at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. This was a big event, but it served as a turning point in his life, between living as a somewhat professional athlete, and retiring…… Read More

  • Nov24

    Stuff to Check Out: Thanksgiving Edition

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in America! Today is hopefully a day filled with family, friends, food, and self-loathing during the post-dinner digestion period. No one cares about how many calories are in that meal, or if you can work it off. Enjoy the day. And for everyone not in America, enjoy Thursday!! Last weekend I…… Read More