• Mar29

    Cryotherapy Doesn’t Work

    Let’s talk about something that’s trendy in the media and fitness industry these days. Specifically, the use of supra-physiological levels of extreme cold to do things like promote healing, reduce inflammation, shoot rainbows out of your anus, and every other good sounding buzz word you could think of. I’ll outline why these things likely don’t…… Read More

  • Mar20

    Want to Do Dips? Check This First

    There was a point in time where dips composed a significant portion of my own upper body training program. I managed to get pretty strong with them too, being able to do a set of 8 with 135 lbs hanging off my waist. I don’t know if they were the prettiest reps in the world,…… Read More

  • Mar17

    Stuff to Check Out: St. Patricks Day Edition

    Let’s jump right into today’s stuff like a leprechaun jumps after a pot of gold, shall we? Examine.com Sale Ends Tonight The leader in information on supplements and nutrition has all of their informational products on a steep sale to celebrate their 6th anniversary, and the sale ends TONIGHT at midnight. Get in on it…… Read More