• Aug8

    Plyometrics for the Elderly Client

    I’m sure people reading this who have done some form of plyometric training before think I’m looking to take great aunt Gladys and start smashing depth jumps or explosive med ball throws and catches on day one. Probably not, but that being said I have a few clients in their 70s doing box jumps, bounding…… Read More

  • Aug7

    Getting Your Best Squat Stance Possible

    I’ve written a bunch on how hip anatomy may dictate specific mobility, positioning and available exercises that can be useful for an individual, but I haven’t outlined in a blog post or public video before how you can fine tune your stance to find a position that works best for you and your specific anatomy.…… Read More

  • Aug5

    Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Video Series Available Now!

    This past year has been a busy one. Training clients in person, online coaching clients, Game of Thrones series finale, and along the way, Tony Gentilcore and I started teaching workshops on all-new content for the Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint. Since we started last September, we’ve taught it in Houston TX, Ljubljana…… Read More