• Apr5

    Master Pistol Squats with These 5 Exercises

    Today’s post comes from a familiar face to readers of this site. Meghan Callaway has previously dropped knowledge for pull-ups, push ups and awesome landmine drills, and today she’s back for some exciting options for becoming an absolute machine when it comes to pistol squats. Her new resource, The Ultimate Pistol Squat Program, is on…… Read More

  • Mar7

    Your Psych Skills Drive Your Success

    Today’s guest post comes from Dr. Lisa Lewis, and discusses how building psychological skills within your coaching offering can have a dramatic effect on how your clients see success. Her Psych Skills for Fitness Pros course is on sale until March 13th 2022 at midnight, and you can save even more with the discount codes…… Read More

  • Feb13

    Does Reciprocal Inhibition Actually Happen?

    Reciprocal Inhibition is a term used in the fitness and rehab world for a few decades, if not the past century, and essentially means when you contract a muscle, the antagonist (or muscle that would work in opposition of the one you’re contracting) would shut down. Think of your biceps curling all the weight and…… Read More