• Sep21

    Online Trainer Certification: Start Today for $0

    Online training has become a considerably beneficial business offering for a lot of fitness professionals. Whether running virtual group training sessions to one on one training, to more “traditional” online coaching options, more and more trainers are jumping into this marketplace, and for good reason. With many brick and mortar gyms and studios shutting down,…… Read More

  • Sep6

    Stuff to Check Out: Labour Day Long Weekend

    Happy Sunday! Hopefully you’re all getting in some quality R & R before the return to September “normalcy,” whatever that means for you. We’re staying close to home this weekend, but planning a trip to the mountains in a few weeks. The cool thing about being able to do virtual training is as long as…… Read More

  • Aug16


    Imagine you want to get into really good, and I mean awesome physical shape. Strong, lean, whatever that means to you. You start going to the gym, watching what you eat, and feel really accomplished. Rock on you nimble gazelle you! But then 3 days later you’re derailed. Something happened, either work, family, a bad…… Read More