• Nov13

    Stuff to Check Out: Cold November Rain Edition

    I’m pretty sure if Axl Rose were to write a song like “November Rain” in Canada, it would just be called “Snow.” The melody would be different and probably have some references to hockey, but I’m pretty sure the main gist of the entire song would be the same.   Workshop Stuff We’re in Los…… Read More

  • Nov8

    When is it okay to lift with less than perfect form?

    Today’s guest post comes from Fayiz Dabdoub after a chance encounter he had with an online form coach who in spite of admitting to not being a coach, decided to critique one of his lifts. Hilarity as well as this post, ensued. ***** If you’re reading this, then you probably care about getting stronger, building…… Read More

  • Nov6

    Your Glutes Probably Aren’t to Blame for Sore Knees, but They Could Still be Stronger

    Remember when people used to blame poor patellar tracking on a weak VMO muscle? Even though the VMO has next to zero effect on patellar tracking at all? It’s kind of the same way that people push the glute med under the bus as the lynchpin for all knee valgus issues. It’s easy to consider…… Read More