• Mar28

    Stuff to Check Out: End of March Edition

    Are you still working towards a New Year’s resolution? Fallen off the wagon entirely? Cool. I want to help out. I put High Tensile Strength on a permanent price discount. You can get the gold package for just $77 for 6 full months of ready-made programming. Click HERE for more info. WORKSHOP STUFF Even More…… Read More

  • Mar26

    Eccentric Hamstring Loading for Strength, Hypertrophy, and Injury Prevention

    It’s common to see a powerlifter get to the top of a deadlift and then just drop that mutha. The gentle set down doesn’t really exist. I mean, you complete the lift just by standing up, why waste all that energy setting it down under control, right? Olympic lifters drop it from overhead, so I…… Read More

  • Mar14

    1 Year In: The Self-Employment Experiment

    January 1, 2018: I had zero clients. I had just walked away from a career in a health club after spending the previous 14 years there. It was a good experience overall but it was time to move on as a new opportunity presented itself. A new facility was opening up which gave trainers the…… Read More