• Jul24

    Best Exercise In Ever: Band Horizontal Iso Row with Cable Vertical Pull

    The name may need some tweaking, but I think it’s something that could stick. Maybe just initials – BHIRCVP? Nah. We’ll work on it, fam. Anyway, here’s a cool variation that uses a static row hold with a band with one arm while doing a lat pulldown with the other arm. This helps build some…… Read More

  • Jul17

    Cardio First, Or Weights First? Let’s Settle This

    It’s a common question asked throughout a lot of forums in the interwebz: “I’m looking to do [XYZ goals], should I do cardio first or strength training first? and if so, how much of each?” As with many questions, this has a lot of “what if” scenarios attached to it, but the basic premise of…… Read More

  • Jul10

    Stuff to Check Out: Mid July Edition

    Can you believe it’s already the middle of July? Before you know it fall will be here. Speaking of fall, Tony Gentilcore and I are starting up a new round of seminars, titled “Even More Complete Hip and Shoulder Blueprint,” which builds off our previous series with deeper insights into assessments, coaching new patterns and…… Read More