• Feb13

    Does Reciprocal Inhibition Actually Happen?

    Reciprocal Inhibition is a term used in the fitness and rehab world for a few decades, if not the past century, and essentially means when you contract a muscle, the antagonist (or muscle that would work in opposition of the one you’re contracting) would shut down. Think of your biceps curling all the weight and…… Read More

  • Feb6

    Scientific Applications of Mobility Training workshop, March 19th in Edmonton

    I’ve talked a lot about mobility training over the years, and it’s still something that I feel gets either overlooked entirely, or vastly misunderstood as for it’s actual uses and benefits. Will it help you unlock mystical wizard powers? Will it cure disease? Does static stretching alone let you get bendy enough to join Cirque…… Read More

  • Jan31

    Advice for Young Trainers

    Oh hey! How have you been? It’s been a while since I put digital pen to paper, so to speak, and while I’m sure everyone out there can also say they’ve had a lot going on with this life, I can honestly say writing hasn’t been a priority for me for a while. I need…… Read More