• Jan27

    Weight Loss Isn’t a Race

    I hear it all the time. A client who has made massive changes in their life by beginning an exercise program for the first time in years, changes in their dietary habits, and other lifestyle modifications all geared towards weight loss. They come in one day depressed because all of their hard work and changes…… Read More

  • Jan23

    Reviewing the Functional Range Assessment Course

    I’ve been in Toronto since Thursday, and attended the Functional Range Assessment workshop for the past 3 days. The FRA is the brainchild of Dr. Andreo Spina, and is the follow-up to the Mobility Specialist certification I took over a year ago and wrote about here. We are live – Day 2 – #FunctionalRangeAssessment certification…… Read More

  • Jan19

    Best Exercise In Ever: 90 90 Hip Rotation Progression

    Quick post today, no time for funny business.* I’m in the airport waiting to board a flight to Toronto so I can attend a workshop to spend the next 3 days getting knee-deep into assessment practices and skill development, because I like to party. It’s an advanced course of the FRC mobility specialist certification I…… Read More