• Jun6

    Podcast Episode #10: James Fell from Bodyforwife

    It’s been a while since I put together a podcast and since I wasn’t about to just throw anything up there, I wanted to wait until I got a quality appearance and some good content before hitting you up with another episode, and today is exactly that. I wanted to have a podcast that did…… Read More

  • May31

    Hypertrophy-Stability-Motor Control Continuum

    Since I’m still on vacation, Sam Spinelli was kind enough to write a follow-up piece to the one he put out on Monday. I hope you enjoy it.   We are going to begin examining a concept that should be considered when creating a program for rehab or performance that often gets neglected, or at…… Read More

  • May29

    Bench Press Around Cranky Arms and Shoulders

    Today is day one of a vaction back home to British Columbia to see my folks and brothers. As such, today I have a guest post from Sam Spinelli, a fellow Edmontonian who is finishing up a doctor of physical therapy degree. Enjoy. The bench press is one of the most famous lifts, one in…… Read More