• Jan24

    Quick Fixes to Improve Your Health: Volume 1

    I’ve seen a lot of posts about biohacking and life hacking and stuff along those lines, and while it’s cool to think in trendy terms like that, a lot of it comes down to the aggregation of marginal gains. Essentially, if something can contribute even 1% to your success or has that much of a…… Read More

  • Jan23

    How Kettlebell Workouts Can Help Improve your Posture

      Today’s guest post comes from the fine folks at Kettlebell Kings, so if you’re interested in getting some new kettlebells or some solid kettlebell workouts for your home gym or studio, check them out! In today’s society, it is easy spend a lot of time in a flexed posture, whether it’s from sitting at…… Read More

  • Jan17

    Best Exercise in Ever: Bench Thoracic Extension

    It’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks. I’m moving into a new gym that’s just recently opened up in Edmonton, and getting clients organized, feeling comfortable, figuring out a new layout, plus the fact that I’m a business now versus an employee have all been big changes, but good ones that will produce a…… Read More