• Mar13

    Even More Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint, Coming Soon

      Tony Gentilcore and I are finalizing some of the details for a re-vamp of the Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint workshop series we have been teaching for the past 3 years, and are bringing a LOT of new content to the table that builds off the original. Here’s some of the stuff we’re looking…… Read More

  • Mar9

    Big Rocks, Small Vessels, and Programming Balance

    A few years ago I heard a great story about where we spend our time and energy.   The cool thing is this story can give some significant parallels to training program design, and how you spend your energy, and whether you should work on different characteristics of training. Big rocks could represent higher threshold…… Read More

  • Mar8

    Stuff to Check Out: Mid-March Edition

    We just had a hella-big snow storm this past weekend and got 8 inches of fresh powder dumped on the city. That’s ridiculous. And then I see what’s happening on the east coast. That’s even more ridiculous. So since everyone north of Carolina is likely digging out or staying inside, or patiently waiting for that…… Read More