• Jun25

    Some Squat Stumbling Stones and Solutions for Successful Squat Supremacy

    Admit it, the title alone made you click this link for the simple fact that NO ONE EVER has managed to make such an alliterative masterpiece relating to squats. Alright, let’s get into those squats now. Before digging into the specific issues, let’s classify where many of them will come from into the 3 most…… Read More

  • Jun15

    Best Exercise in Ever: Band Shoulder Stabilization Pulls

    Today’s exercise is an oldie but a goodie that I recently put back into rotation for a few clients with wonky shoulders, and it seems to be worth re-pushing for the new generation of folks looking to get jacked and swole while also getting all of their info from memes. Shoulder stability band excellence!! Here’s…… Read More

  • May30

    The Most Important Quality For Fitness Goal Achievement

    That’s quite the audacious title but it’s something that I’ve noticed from working with a lot of people, and seeing a lot of successes and failures across a large range of goals and situations. At the end of the day, a major personality trait emerges that helps determine who will be successful and who will…… Read More