• Apr13

    PRI Integration for Fitness – Another System, Another Useful Tool

    Today I have a guest post from Alex Kraszewski, a physical therapist and strength coach in England who not only talks a big game, but can deadlift 3 times his bodyweight. Admittedly, I have not taken any of the PRI modules, so he was kind enough to give a breakdown of what they were, how…… Read More

  • Apr7

    Wedging into the Bar For a Stronger Deadlift

    One of the big coaching cues I use a lot with my clients when coaching the deadlift is the concept of tension on the bar and less about the actual lift itself. If you consider the primary aim of a deadlift is to have the hips, knees and ankles do the moving to create the…… Read More

  • Apr3

    How is Fitness Not a Real Job Anyway?

    This past weekend I was in Vancouver (specifically Langley) working with my conjoined twin internet best friend Tony Gentilcore to teach Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint to a sold out group of 54 trainers, fitness professionals, physical therapists and random fans from I think 8 different countries. Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint under way in…… Read More