• Apr30

    I’m Going to Try to Sell You Something

    “Where do you want to go for dinner?” “What did you think of that movie?” “I don’t know whether I should do front squats or back squats. What do you think?” “Will you marry me?” Every day, you have to try to sell something to someone, often dozens of times throughout the day. There may…… Read More

  • Apr23

    Best Exercise in Ever: Band Lateral Resistance Bird Dog

    The name may be a mouthful, but the benefits to the exercise are pretty awesome. Normal bird dogs are pretty great on their own, but adding a band to create some frontal plane challenge can become even more awesome. Awesomer? Awesomest? A key thing to consider is that this doesn’t require much band resistance at…… Read More

  • Apr12

    How Fitness Professionals can Not Suck at Business

    Let’s face it, fitness professionals for the most part have next to zero business sense. I can count the number of business courses I did in my entire degree on one hand and not use any fingers or my thumb. I’m sure most other trainers fall into the same boat. Marketing? Nothing Social Media? I…… Read More