Posted February 6, 2022

Scientific Applications of Mobility Training workshop, March 19th in Edmonton

I’ve talked a lot about mobility training over the years, and it’s still something that I feel gets either overlooked entirely, or vastly misunderstood as for it’s actual uses and benefits.

Will it help you unlock mystical wizard powers?

Will it cure disease?

Does static stretching alone let you get bendy enough to join Cirque du Soliel?


Obviously these are some big old “No” questions, but there’s a wider range of questions that actually matter more that are typically a lot harder to answer:

What’s the best approach to improve mobility of a fibrotic joint?

How can I train mobility and strength in the same session?

Does my knee stand a chance of exploding if it goes past my toes on a squat or lunge?


That’s why I set out to build my new workshop, Scientific Applications of Mobility Training, around answering these applied questions based on the existing body of evidence, with a healthy dose of myth-busting thrown in for good measure.

Breaking down the research on what works, what doesn’t, how to get the best results, and applying a systematic approach to mobility training within the existing outline of a strength and conditioning plan means you get the outcomes your looking for, in the fastest manner possible, without sacrificing any of the other goals you’re looking to achieve.

This workshop digs into different modalities of mobility training, outlining how much of a benefit and how long it will take to see those outcomes, individual anatomical differences and how they relate to mobility, and even some case study walk throughs for common issues your clients may experience, like tight hip flexors, limited overhead mobility, and reduced squat depth.

This one day workshop will be in Edmonton, Alberta Canada on March 19th, includes continuing education credits, and will be one of the first live workshop events in Canada in 2 years. The event will not be recorded or live streamed, as there are some things that just have to be experienced in person.

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