• Mar16

    Fascia: The Missing Link to Health and Wellness

    Last week I decided to try something new with a client who had chronically tight hips and low back. Previously I had worked on stretching her hips, actively, dynamically, statically and plentiful use of foam rollers, but they stayed tight. So on a whim I decided to try something that made her think I was…… Read More

  • Mar9

    Let's Play!!

    Somehow after we turned 6 or 7 years old, we begin to eliminate the concept of play from our daily lives. This is unfortunate, as we learn more through playing than we do through school. This is no more apparent than looking at the faces of young kids during recess and then comparing them during…… Read More

  • Mar1

    The Olympics Never Cease to Amaze.

    With the culmination of the Vancouver Olympics this week, a few amazing things have happened. First off, we won more medals than ever before, we won more gold medals than an nation ever during a Winter Olympics, and, most importantly, we as a nation began to feel that we could show our patriotic pride to the rest…… Read More