• Jun7

    Motivation Part 3: Mastery

    We’ve discussed the importance of motivation to attainment of ideal behaviours and attitudes for achieving success, and hopefully everyone out there is now charged up to do something cool with their new-found intrinsic motivation and desire. This post will focus on the concept of mastery of a skill. Mastery rarely happens. We can look at…… Read More

  • Jun1

    Motivation Part 2: Creativity and the Ultimate Motivating Factor

    In the previous post, I talked about the old method of motivation (Motivation 2.0, above the basic motivation to meet the basic needs of life), and how this dangling of a reward in favor of beneficial behavior and punishment in the presence of undesirable behavior can actually hinder creative development and happiness. This post will…… Read More

  • May25

    Motivation: Part 1 – The Carrot and Stick, and How to Change the World

    Motivation is one of the biggest determinants for whether a person will achieve a goal or not. Not their physical capabilities. Not their nutrition. Not their genetic makeup. Motivation is one of the biggest hurdles anyone has to overcome when beginning a new challenge, and the difference between the different motivational factors will determine whether…… Read More