• Mar1

    The Olympics Never Cease to Amaze.

    With the culmination of the Vancouver Olympics this week, a few amazing things have happened. First off, we won more medals than ever before, we won more gold medals than an nation ever during a Winter Olympics, and, most importantly, we as a nation began to feel that we could show our patriotic pride to the rest…… Read More

  • Feb18

    Jillian Michales: TV's Toughest Trainer?? Too bad I'm not on TV…yet.

    I’ve begun watching The Biggest Loser lately. I have to admit they do a good job of presenting a serious problem that can help motivate people to make a positive change in their lives. What I can’t stand is the amount of time people spend crying, the dissapointment at only losing 6 pounds in a…… Read More

  • Feb14

    Happy Drop-out Day!!!

    Ah, Valentines Day. For those of you with a significant other it’s either a great day to show love or an additional task that forces you to to purchase a card or flowers or something like that to show your love in a way that you normally would not. For those of you without a…… Read More