• Mar30

    Breaking News: Fun Study Points out the Obvious

    Common knowledge is a great thing, especially when it comes from a highly reputable source. Take for instance the position stand from the ACSM on the health benefits of physical activity (2006). The paper essentially said that those who worked out more had better overall health, while those who worked out less had a greater…… Read More

  • Mar21

    Brackets Busted, Dreams Realized, Nightmares Confirmed

    Kansas just became the latest victim of the Cinderella Story from this years NCAA tournament, and by that I mean low-ranked teams rising up and moving past their high-ranked opponents. Kansas was the heavily favored team to win it all this year, presumably on their way to the Final Four through every team they faced…… Read More

  • Mar16

    Fascia: The Missing Link to Health and Wellness

    Last week I decided to try something new with a client who had chronically tight hips and low back. Previously I had worked on stretching her hips, actively, dynamically, statically and plentiful use of foam rollers, but they stayed tight. So on a whim I decided to try something that made her think I was…… Read More