Posted April 28, 2020

The Ultimate Pushup Program

Today my good friend Meghan Callaway released her long-awaited follow up to her Ultimate Pullup Program with a massive Ultimate Pushup Program. 

In this guide she breaks down some of the most common problems with success in pushups, like weak core muscles, poor exercise selection to improve the pattern, and wonky shoulder kinematics that make it harder to push with serious amounts of force.

Meghan’s also a bit of a freak of nature in terms of bodyweight strength, so she also shows some advanced versions and progressions you can use to spice up your usual pushups if you’re brave enough to try.


She has the entire package on sale for half the regular price at only $47 until May 2nd at midnight.


If you want to also crush pullups like an absolute legend, you can pick up a combo pack with both her new Ultimate Pushup Program, AND her Ultimate Pullup Program for one low cost.

These options are on sale for steep discounts, but only until May 2nd at midnight, so get your copy now and start crushing your bodyweight training like never before.


Click HERE to read more & Get your copy today