• Jan9

    Podcast Episode #7: Short Q & A

    Today’s podcast is a quick Q & A from a Facebook post I put up a few weeks ago. Hopefully you enjoy it. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a 5-Star rating. I don’t know what that does, but I’m sure it’s something good. Also, because it’s January and a lot of people are beginning…… Read More

  • Jan4

    Healthy Hips for Serious Sumo Deadlifts

    Deadlifts make me smile. They’re fun to do and give a bunch of benefits, not limited to marking your territory in the gym as Meathead Alpha, and also causing a minimum 500 meter radius of ovulation of any female in the vicinity. For women who deadlift, they make you significantly stronger, plus weed out the…… Read More

  • Jan2

    Training Programs for Hectic Schedules

    “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” -Zen proverb It’s January, which means health clubs are going to resemble farmers markets on Saturdays for the next couple of weeks. A lot of people milling around, doing things randomly, maybe bringing…… Read More