• Apr25

    How to Not Screw Up the Segmental Cat Camel

    The cat camel stretch is a drill that I often see being taught or explained, but unfortunately it looks more like a modified twerk than something designed to provide movement control through the spine. I mean, if you’re rocking this sucker so fast that you’re more closely resembling a seizure than controlled motion, you’re likely…… Read More

  • Apr21

    A Survivor’s Approach to Beating Back Injuries

    Today’s guest post comes from William Richards, and outlines some of the less than common concepts that can be major contributors to helping someone overcome a low back injury. I’ll preface the article by saying these are things he’s found to work for him, but as with any injury if you’re dealing with something like…… Read More

  • Apr17

    Stuff to Check Out: Post Easter Edition

    I hope everyone had a great time over Easter and Passover. We kept it pretty low key since it decided to snow and drop below freezing for most of the weekend, and everyone of our family members in the city were simultaneously sick. Workshops Registration is now open for speaking events in Kansas City, Calgary,…… Read More