• Feb12

    Healthy Hips, Strong Hips

    The other day I put up a brief status on social media talking about some observations I’ve made on hips: This is something I’ve noticed after working with a lot of clients at either end of the health/performance spectrum. Clients with a lot of hip injuries or osteoarthritis tend to lose hip flexion and Internal…… Read More

  • Feb2

    Your Guide to Creating Healthy Clients for Life

    I’m en route to Vancouver for the weekend to teach a workshop (solid planning, right? Picking Superbowl weekend to host a fitness event), so I have a super sick guest post from Justin Kompf today to keep you entertained and informed.  **** It was the end of our six-week program at Clientel3, a studio in…… Read More

  • Jan30

    Sittin Sideways: Training Lateral Chain Stability

    Odds are that if you’re following a workout you got from an Instagram celebrity or off some free workout website, it will tend to be massively sagittal plane dominant. This means most of the stuff is done front to back or vice versa. Lots of squats, deadlifts, lunges, presses and pulls, with maybe the odd…… Read More