• Mar3

    Overhead for Older Dudes & Dudettes

    Everyone can appreciate a nicely developed set of shoulders, men and women alike. One of the more effective means of developing a great set of polar ice caps under your short sleeve shirts is with pressing movements, and commonly with overhead presses. Sure, they can be developed in other ways, but we’re talking overhead over…… Read More

  • Feb24

    Stuff to Check Out: Pre-Workshop Edition

    I’m just about to hop on a plane to head to Toronto to teach Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint to a group of about 50 trainers, which should be a massively awesome time.   Lindsay’s actually flying out today as well, but we’re going in completely different directions. She’s heading to Los Angeles for a…… Read More

  • Feb20

    Isometrics for Improving Range Of Motion

    I talk a lot about mobility and how important it is for getting after it in the gym. It could be said that you need to train for strength, but train for mobility to allow you to train for strength, but maybe that’s being a little reductive. In either case, it’s tough o build strength…… Read More