• Jun14

    Cossack Squats: Breaking Out of the Sagittal Plane

    I’ve been a big fan of cossack squats for a few years now. They’re an awesome tool for getting some motion through the hips outside of the normative movements that tend to dominate the sagittal plane. While massive strength improvements and aesthetic development can be made through sagittal plane training, the hip is a ball…… Read More

  • Jun12

    Best Exercise In Ever: Shoulder Packed Anti-Rotation Glute Bridge Thingy

    This past weekend Tony Gentilcore and I were teaching our Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint workshop to trainers at The Third Space in London. Amazing weekend with all my PT children. I had some really proud moments this weekend looking at how far some of them have come on. That's the new people in the…… Read More

  • Jun9

    Life is What You Make of It

    Today I’m rolling through some emails in my hotel room before heading out to be a tourist in Jolly ol London. It’s one of my favourite cities and I’ve always had a great time when here. It’s funny, after all the North American media coverage last week following the terrorist attacks on London Bridge and…… Read More