• Dec5

    The L2 Fitness Summit Video Series is Available Now

    Today is the launch of my newest product, and one I’m really proud of, The L2 Fitness Summit. This was a collaborative project with Dr. Mike Israetel and the fine folks at L2 Fitness in Edmonton who hosted the event. The summit consisted of 2 days of hands on and lecture work, with myself taking…… Read More

  • Nov20

    Video Game Cheat Codes and Winning the Game of Fitness

    A few weekends ago I was in Boston teaching the grande finale workshop for Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint before we wreak some new hotness on the world in 2018. We somehow managed to cram 60 people into AMP Fitness in downtown Boston over a long weekend, which was pretty amazing. We managed to jam…… Read More

  • Nov2

    Cookies and Squat Technique

    On Halloween, my wife surprised me by making a cast iron skillet cookie that she’s never made before, and I’d never had before as well. While you’re crushing fun-sizes chocolate bars (what makes them fun? Who knows), my wife @lindsaysomerset smashed out this 9” skillet chocolate chip cookie 🍪 🍪 🍪 for some intense snacking.…… Read More