• Jul17

    Stretching Isn’t Bullshit

    Todays post comes from Jasper De Coninck, a Belgian physio who also has experience with strength training. Enjoy. ***** [Disclaimer: For the laymen, who are just interested in the essence of the article and whether to stretch or not to stretch, short summaries are in the underlined centered sentences.] Stretching is quite the controversial term…… Read More

  • Jul12

    Perceived Value and the Fitness Industry

    A few days ago, a well-known celebrity trainer, whose methods I’ve discussed HERE, opened a new facility on the Upper East Side in New York City, with monthly memberships around the $900 a month mark. This alone caused a lot of uproar from people on social media, ranging from stating it’s a waste of money…… Read More

  • Jul4

    Stuff to Check Out: Super Summer Sale Edition

    Happy Independence Day to my friends south of the border! Hopefully you all enjoy the fireworks, cook outs, and holiday pay today. We’re going into the last 2 days of the Super Summer Sale on all my digital products, and I even upped the ante on one BIG package, which you’ll have to read on…… Read More