Posted March 7, 2022

Your Psych Skills Drive Your Success

Today’s guest post comes from Dr. Lisa Lewis, and discusses how building psychological skills within your coaching offering can have a dramatic effect on how your clients see success. Her Psych Skills for Fitness Pros course is on sale until March 13th 2022 at midnight, and you can save even more with the discount codes offered below.

X’s and O’s. 


Sets and reps. 


Periodization and nutrition. 


You know that stuff. 

You’ve gotten certifications, continuing education, and maybe even formal, graduate level education on that stuff. 

You work that stuff into your programming and your business model. 

That stuff is good stuff. 


But, that’s not all the stuff you need to be a great coach. 

Once you’ve learned the X’s and O’s, mastered the programming of sets and reps, and worked out periodization, nutrition, and other technical components into your coaching, you realize that the crucial ingredients in your coaching business are your relationships with your clients. 


Once you’ve progressed past being a novice coach, you realize and think about the importance of how you:

  • Set goals with clients and track progress
  • Work through “low” or “lack of” motivation
  • Help clients change health and fitness behaviors
  • Communicate with clients
  • Use rapport and the coach-client relationship to elicit healthy behaviors and sustainable healthy habits 
  • Break through barriers and resistance to change and setbacks


For all those experienced coaches out there, you need psychology, mindset, and motivation stuff just as much – if not even more – than all the other stuff you learned at the start of your career. 


The reason I know this is that for years, I’ve been talking to coaches at seminars, workshops, inservices, and in private consultations about the aspects of coaching that wear them down, burn them out, and suck the joy out of coaching. 


Coaches often ask me:


  • “What do I do when clients continue to complain that they ‘lost’ or ‘don’t have enough’ motivation?” 
  • “How do I help the client who says they’re ready to change or start a new habit, but they just don’t do it, or keep trying and failing?”
  • “When and how do I talk to clients about their progress, or the lack thereof – and how can I help them get the results they’re paying me to get?!” 


Based on these questions, and others, I developed Psych Skills for Fitness Pros – an online continuing education course which focuses on psychology, motivation, communication, and the coaching skills required to help clients get out of their own way, and achieve their goals. 


I’m Dr. Lisa Lewis, a psychologist who works with fitness professionals to help them develop, enhance, and leverage psychological and communication skills to maximize their coaching abilities, and to get optimal results. 


On March 7, 2022, Psych Skills For Fitness Pros, Volume I: Motivate and Facilitate Change will go on sale! 


This course includes over 13 hours of content on the following topics: 

  1. The nature of motivation
  2. How to assess, leverage, and sustain client motivation over time
  3. The nature of change
  4. How to help clients progress through the stages of change, avoid dropout and move resistant or “not ready yet” clients toward change
  5. Motivational interviewing skills for coaching
  6. Specific application to strength training, personal training, and nutrition coaching. 


The course is offered through the online Teachable platform, which means you can complete it on your own time, when it’s convenient for you. The curriculum is broken into short lectures, interviews, and quizzes that you can start and stop, according to your busy schedule. 


Even better, the course is approved for 1.3 CEU’s through the NSCA and NASM! 


So, if you’ve got the X’s and O’s all set, and you’re looking to level yourself up as a psychologically-minded, effective, successful coach, enroll in Psych Skills for Fitness Pros, Volume 1! (Dean, here is probably where you want your link, I’ll leave that wording up to you). 


Thank you, and looking forward to having you in the course! 


Dr. Lisa Lewis is a licensed psychologist, certified addictions counselor, Doctor of Education in counselling and sport psychology, and fitness enthusiast. She holds a doctorate in counselling and sport psychology.

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