• Jan19

    Best Exercise In Ever: 90 90 Hip Rotation Progression

    Quick post today, no time for funny business.* I’m in the airport waiting to board a flight to Toronto so I can attend a workshop to spend the next 3 days getting knee-deep into assessment practices and skill development, because I like to party. It’s an advanced course of the FRC mobility specialist certification I…… Read More

  • Jan14

    Stuff to Check Out: New Year 2017 Edition

    Soooooo……….. How are those New Years resolutions treating you? We’re 2 weeks into 2017, and I’m hoping you’re sticking with it. If not, consider this your friendly kick in the junk to get back in line. Alright, let’s get into stuff Workshop Stuff I have a couple speaking engagements coming up in the next couple…… Read More

  • Jan11

    I Don’t Work on Thursdays

    This post came out of an excellent blog post written by Sol Orwell on Ramit Sethi’s blog, all about how Sol doesn’t work on Fridays. The gist is that Fridays are usually less than productive to begin with, and it gives a massive benefit to use this day as one for self-organizing, reading, networking, and…… Read More