• Jan17

    Best Exercise in Ever: Bench Thoracic Extension

    It’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks. I’m moving into a new gym that’s just recently opened up in Edmonton, and getting clients organized, feeling comfortable, figuring out a new layout, plus the fact that I’m a business now versus an employee have all been big changes, but good ones that will produce a…… Read More

  • Jan15

    Will Cardio Give Your Weight Training An Advantage?

    There’s a common argument among people who work out as to which is better: weight training or cardio? Some say cardio will sap your gains, pointing to elite marathon runners versus sprinters (hint, it won’t sap your gains if you’re eating food and logging less than 10 hours a week or mileage). Others say only…… Read More

  • Jan9

    Stuff You Should Check Out: Resolution Edition

    I’ve worked out every day since I started vacation back on December 21st, so I have that going for me. How’s your training program going? Getting in the time and making the weights quake? If not, you probably need a program to follow, so do yourself a solid and check out my High Tensile Strength…… Read More