Posted June 3, 2022

Stuff to Check Out: June in Edmonton Edition

It finally feels like summer. That means wearing shorts, no need for a jacket, and the dogs going for long walks without having to get boots or coats of their own.

It also means the occasional trip to the mountains for hiking, and maybe the odd day off here and there for vacation time.

Third, it means there’s some possible live events on the horizon, and some other fun things you should check out, so let’s dig into it.


Live Events

It feels like forever ago that I was able to jet off and head somewhere cool for a weekend to teach trainers stuff, so I’m excited to be able to begin slowly doing that again with a few small events on the horizon.


Scientific Application of Mobility Training – July 23rd Richmond BC Canada

This one day workshop looks at the existing body of research on mobility training, teases out what seems to work, what doesn’t, and outlines a systematic approach to creating the biggest effect on mobility improvements depending on the individuals limitations and other factors that influence mobility. Continuing education credits are available too.

Click HERE for more info


Stronger Together, PNW Fitness Conference 2022 – August 6th, Seattle WA

It’s been a while since I was a speaker at a conference, and this venue alone looks amazing. A one-day event in the heart of Seattle during summer also sounds lovely, so get your tickets now while they’re cheap and not sold out.

Click HERE for more info


Other Stuff to Check Out


Sex Pistols Aim to Give Queens Jubilee a Touch of Punk – Bloomberg

The headline alone made me click and read this article, which is a pretty cool dig into the history of the Sex Pistols iconic “God Save the Queen” and the state of the monarchy in England, especially considering how many surviving members of the band are still around to comment on it.


4 Coaches Share their Favourite Post-Rehab Shoulder Exercises – Shane McLean via

This was a fun article I was able to contribute to where I outlined a staple shoulder stability exercise I use with a lot of clients.


Tim Hortons App Collects Vast Amounts of Sensitive Data: Privacy Watchdogs – CTV News

Be careful which apps you download onto your devices. Most of them will collect user data for marketing use, and some go further than their stated terms of service. It’s also safe to remind people that Tim Hortons coffee is trash and they undercook their muffins.


Social Media Stuff

I haven’t been as active on social media lately due to training about 50 sessions a week for the better part of the last 4 months, but I still find the odd moment to make a dank meme.