• Apr15

    Distracted Driving Bylaw is coming. How about a Distracted Exercising bylaw??

    Edmonton is looking to enact a new Distracted Driving bylaw that would give police the ability to ticket drivers for talking on their cell phone, texting, reading, etc while operating a motor vehicle. I am all for this, as it has been proven to increase the rate of accidents and injuries if the person is…… Read More

  • Apr11

    The MR BURNS Syndrome: How to Avoid Back Injuries

    I had the opportunity to teach a four-day Post-Rehab workshop to some very special trainers this week, and always enjoy having the opportunity to allow others to grow and expand their thought processes about how the body works and responds to exercise. On Saturday we were discussing the spine, posture and core training for spinal…… Read More

  • Mar30

    Breaking News: Fun Study Points out the Obvious

    Common knowledge is a great thing, especially when it comes from a highly reputable source. Take for instance the position stand from the ACSM on the health benefits of physical activity (2006). The paper essentially said that those who worked out more had better overall health, while those who worked out less had a greater…… Read More