• May13

    A New Practice for Performance Enhancement in Endurance Athletes

    SO I’ve always believed in being different when it comes to training, since being average gets average results, not exceptional results. I’ve been training some people for a couple of years to compete in marathon and half-marathon races competitively, and have come up with some pretty unique training methods to get them to the finish…… Read More

  • May5

    Muscle Tightness: Overactive Fatigue vs. Dysfunctional Stiffness

    I was teaching a movement screening class today, and when I asked the class what it meant if I couldn’t get deep into an overhead squat, one of the students correctly said that it was because of my tight hamstrings, and that I should focus on stretching them. I then proceeded to ask her a…… Read More

  • Apr30

    Time to hit the links!!

    Ahhh! Spring is finally here, and after 6 months of being cooped up indoors, scared of venturing out without thermal underroos and a propane heater, people are beginning to break out their woods and irons and hit the links for the other 6 months of the year!!! Most people will include the following as their…… Read More