• May25

    Motivation: Part 1 – The Carrot and Stick, and How to Change the World

    Motivation is one of the biggest determinants for whether a person will achieve a goal or not. Not their physical capabilities. Not their nutrition. Not their genetic makeup. Motivation is one of the biggest hurdles anyone has to overcome when beginning a new challenge, and the difference between the different motivational factors will determine whether…… Read More

  • May18

    Training Machines

    How to shave 15 minutes off your personal best half marathon time. Keep in mind this woman is in her 50’s!!! http://www.youtube.com/v/vyHceXwjRSk&hl=en_US&fs=1

  • May13

    A New Practice for Performance Enhancement in Endurance Athletes

    SO I’ve always believed in being different when it comes to training, since being average gets average results, not exceptional results. I’ve been training some people for a couple of years to compete in marathon and half-marathon races competitively, and have come up with some pretty unique training methods to get them to the finish…… Read More