• Jul11

    Product Review: Optimal Shoulder Performance

    I had the chance to take in a seminar with Eric Cressey¬†while in Las Vegas for the NSCA Personal Trainer conference this past year, and was quite impressed with his delivery of information and quality of presentation. It’s not very often that someone¬†can show me something new that can get me excited to try with…… Read More

  • Jul9

    Squatting through the heels: Why it only works for Pirates

    I’m training a client in Edmonton who lives full-time in Calgary and travels here on business a fair bit. While in Calgary, he has the opportunity to work with a few different trainers of various capabilities and experience, and one of the big differences he notices between each of us is where we tell him…… Read More

  • Jun29

    Muscle Imbalances Revealed

    Trainers and fitness enthusiasts see muscle imbalances every day, in themselves and in their clients and patients. The question of whether those imbalances should be there or whether they care actually creating some problem in the function of the body is a big problem, and one of the biggest questions unanswered by many trainers and…… Read More