• May5

    Muscle Tightness: Overactive Fatigue vs. Dysfunctional Stiffness

    I was teaching a movement screening class today, and when I asked the class what it meant if I couldn’t get deep into an overhead squat, one of the students correctly said that it was because of my tight hamstrings, and that I should focus on stretching them. I then proceeded to ask her a…… Read More

  • Apr30

    Time to hit the links!!

    Ahhh! Spring is finally here, and after 6 months of being cooped up indoors, scared of venturing out without thermal underroos and a propane heater, people are beginning to break out their woods and irons and hit the links for the other 6 months of the year!!! Most people will include the following as their…… Read More

  • Apr15

    Distracted Driving Bylaw is coming. How about a Distracted Exercising bylaw??

    Edmonton is looking to enact a new Distracted Driving bylaw that would give police the ability to ticket drivers for talking on their cell phone, texting, reading, etc while operating a motor vehicle. I am all for this, as it has been proven to increase the rate of accidents and injuries if the person is…… Read More