• Jul28

    Q & A with Dean

    Alright folks, here’s the deal. Leave a comment for this blog with your best health, fitness, or nutrition question and I will answer them all in a future blog. Come up with your best, most insightful, most deep-rootedly disturbed questions and I will dig up the research to show the bestest and most impressively scientific…… Read More

  • Jul26

    Resistance Training for Endurance Athletes

    Now normally I wouldn’t do too many posts about distance running, but apparently I am getting more and more clients coming to me to figure out how to run better and get faster times. Currently I have two people looking to qualify for Boston next year, as well as three running competitive marathons for personal…… Read More

  • Jul14

    In Defence of the Elliptical

    A lot of trainers hate the elliptical, giving reasons such as “it’s not functional,” or “it doesn’t give you any benefit,” or “my underwear bunches when I use it.” Personally, I don’t like using the elliptical, because in the past I have had to use it three times due to no other modality being available,…… Read More