• Feb26

    Stuff to Check Out: Euro Edition

    I’m in Amsterdam today for one full day and then off to Athens to teach “Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint” with Tony Gentilcore (space still available, see below if you’re interested), so in lieu of putting up fresh and new content, I wanted to show some awesome stuff that’s circulating around the interwebz…… Read More

  • Feb21

    Fanny Packs Are the Essential Trainer Accessory of 2020

    I train a bunch of clients in semi-private sessions each morning, which means I’m running around the gym trying to manage 6-10 programs at once. It’s essentially organized chaos, and finding equipment I need quickly and easily is usually a big goal. In a commercial gym set up, bands are worth their weight in gold.…… Read More

  • Feb16

    Why You Should Do Cardio

    I’ve long championed doing some form of aerobic or anaerobic conditioning on a regular basis for everyone. Yesterday I put up a post in Facebook and Instagram outlining a few of the major benefits that you can get from it: So today I wanted to tackle a 2-part phase on this topic. Part 1 is…… Read More