Posted February 26, 2020

Stuff to Check Out: Euro Edition

I’m in Amsterdam today for one full day and then off to Athens to teach “Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint” with Tony Gentilcore (space still available, see below if you’re interested), so in lieu of putting up fresh and new content, I wanted to show some awesome stuff that’s circulating around the interwebz in todays edition.


Workshop Stuff

Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Athens Greece February 29-March 1

This is our flagship workshop. 2 full days talking about shoulders and hips and how to make them more juicy and awesome. Plus, Greece isn’t freezing cold at the moment, so that’s a big win for this guy.

Scientific Application of Mobility Training – Vancouver BC Canada May 2

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Heading out to teach “Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint” in Athens with @tonygentilcore this coming weekend, but I wanted to share a skill set from my upcoming workshop, “Scientific Application of Mobility Training” where we unlock unheard of squat depth within the first hour of the day. As you can see, many professionals from around the world have mastered this advanced skill, and you can as well. The workshop is May 2 in Vancouver, so if you want to dig into the physiology and researched methods for significantly improving your ability to dip it low, this is the place to do it. Click the link in my bio to learn more. Space is limited, and continuing education credits will be provided. Wear stretchy pants though, things tend to get weird after lunch.

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As cool as #facestolaces squat depth is, this workshop will be digging into all the pertinent research on how to actually get more bendy and mobile, what works and what doesn’t, plus a strategic application of of a systemic process to get the best results with the shortest time frame possible.


Other Stuff

Everything You Need to Know About Quad Muscles – Lauren Bedosky via

I helped contribute to this article and think it turned out really well. If you have quads and want to learn some basic anatomy, exercises, and workout considerations, give it a check.


Diet Diaries Volume 1 – Greg Nuckols

This was a very personal post from Greg about his own challenges adjusting his body composition over the years, with some real world struggles a lot of clients (and trainers) find when they try to cut weight. Greg’s story mirrors my own in a lot of ways too, and you’ll probably see some parallels with your own life, even if you’ve never had issues with body weight management.


To Correct Shit You Need to Own Shit – Tony Gentilcore

There’s usually 2 ways to get better results from an exercise:

  1. Do it correctly
  2. Use a lot more focused intensity

“Owning” the exercise and position with a ton of focused intensity is one of the hardest things for people who aren’t used to near-maximal effort to understand and approximate, but it makes the biggest difference to how they see the results they’re after. Sure, if they do it right with enough intensity they may pass out, but that’s a small cost to pay for excellence.


The Best Leg Exercise You’ve Never Tried – Andrew Coates via

If you want to hate your life and everything in it while being unable to stand up off a toilet for the next week, give these a shot. You’ve been warned.


How Exercise Might Affect Our Food Choices and Our Weight – Grechen Reynolds via New York Times

It’s a time-old process where by a client starts working out, then subtly changes their own food intake based on wanting to feel better physically, not just satiate the calorie cravings. It’s part physiology of the exercise itself and wanting to improve the results of that part, but also a significant rewiring of the brains pleasure sensitivities towards higher calorie foods versus the happy endocrin release from the exercise itself. As always, there’s more to it than that, but this article does a great job outlining the basics.


Social Media Stuff

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