Posted February 21, 2020

Fanny Packs Are the Essential Trainer Accessory of 2020

I train a bunch of clients in semi-private sessions each morning, which means I’m running around the gym trying to manage 6-10 programs at once. It’s essentially organized chaos, and finding equipment I need quickly and easily is usually a big goal. In a commercial gym set up, bands are worth their weight in gold. Mind you, they don’t weigh much, so I guess they’re worth more, especially when everyone wants to use them at the same time.

Between a high rate of use, abuse, breakage, and the occasional ones walking off on their own, having bands on hand to use with my clients is a challenge. So I decided to buy a bunch to use with my clients specifically, not available to the rest of the gym.

The challenge with that is where would I keep them? I only have so much pocket space to stuff bands into. I mean, cargo pants would be awesome, but then I’d have to buy cargo pants, a belt and actually be seen wearing cargo pants. Nope.

If I kept them in my locker in the back staff room, I’d constantly be running back and forth to grab the needed bands, an unnecessary waste of time and calories.

A small bag? Stellar, but if I put it down somewhere, I’d have to remember where, find it, and hope someone doesn’t walk off with it thinking it were theirs.

Solution: wear the bag, in a position that allows easy access, and can store a handful of bands, maybe some snacks, and look heckin fashionable AF.

Solution: Fanny Pack

Much like Batman’s utility belt, this combination of fashion statement and functional attire allows me to pack so many weapons tools into it that help me do my job easier, provide a better training environment for my clients, plus push the stereotypical 80s coach vibe further than short shorts and hamstring stretches ever could, while significantly less creepy than propping a leg up on any available equipment.

A fanny pack can be worn in the front, on the back, or cross body around the shoulder for a more modern take. Either situation means you’re crushing fitness, packing potentially usable equipment, keeping track of snacky snacks, and being an absolute fit fashion GOD around the squat racks.

If you’re a trainer, this should be standard issue in your daily wear. Rock some high tops, skinny yoga pants, a jaunty toque and fanny pack of destiny, and you’ll not only be the best dressed coach around, but be able to whip out any small equipment you need on demand with the rapid quick draw approach of an old west gunfighter.

Now let’s face it, some people may not glean to your excellent choice of functional fashion. It’s going to be a growth process for you, your clients, and everyone who knows you at the gym. But you know what? That’s a “them” kinda problem, not a “you” kinda problem. They may not initially be on board with it, but I’m sure Alfred wasn’t quite on board with Batman’s utility belt when he first slid that on under the cape, but you know what? Grappling hooks and smoke bombs don’t care about your opinions.

So how would you handle the inevitable comments, critiques, criticisms, or questionable looks? Well, as with anything involving fitness and art, it’s all in the eye of the beholder as well as the confidence of the artist. If you rock that pack like it’s your most prized posession, explain why it’s awesome, and showcase it’s gloriousness every chance you get, people will understand.

The fanny pack is both undisputably functional and inevitably hilarious, a rare feat of any kind of apparel. Because of this duality, the garment requires supreme confidence in the wearer to be adequately accepted. I’m confident in your ability though, and if anyone can do it, you’re someone.

My fanny pack came from a good friend in Edmonton who is a very skilled leather worker. If you want something done, check him out at North Lift Belts and see what he can do for you. He even makes kick ass lifting belts, gym bags, and anything you’d want to get.