• Sep25

    Random Training Tips from 36,000 feet

    I’m on a plane heading to Toronto for the week where Lindsay’s planning to do the “In My Feelings” dance challenge on the 401 national track cycling championships, and since I’m on a plane with spotty wifi that won’t let me watch a movie, I figured I’d write up a blog post on some training tips…… Read More

  • Sep11

    Sturdy Shoulder Solutions on Sale Now

    This past weekend I was in Houston, TX with Tony Gentilcore teaching the first edition of our brand new “Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint” workshop to a group of 30 awesome trainers. View this post on Instagram First course for our “Even More Complete Hip and Shoulder Blueprint” running this weekend in Houston.…… Read More

  • Aug21

    Building a Successful Career: Positioning and Intent

    I’ll start this post off by saying I’m in no way a business expert on anything except how to keep the mortgage paid on my house and my dogs happy with their current food options. That being said I wanted to share a few tips that I thought could help out newer and even more…… Read More