• Nov28

    Stuff to Check Out: Thanksgiving Edition

    I know all my American friends are likely knee deep in mashed potatoes and mid-day football, so I figured I’d give something else to do while trying to avoid discussing politics with your weird uncle. For those wondering, in Canada we had Thanksgiving a few weeks ago, which is predicated on an earlier harvest than…… Read More

  • Nov3

    Stuff to Check Out: Daylight Savings Edition

    So who actually slept in for an extra hour this morning, versus just waking up an hour earlier than usual? I woke up early, hence me writing something small on a Sunday morning like this.   Upcoming Schedule Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Athens Greece February 29 – March 1 2020 Click…… Read More

  • Oct28

    Training The Hypermobile Client

    There’s a big difference between someone who seems to have a lot of available mobility and someone who has an actual diagnosed hypermobility issue due in some part to wonky connective tissue production or repair. Here’s a brief chart on some of the potential connective tissue disorders that can impact collagen and elastin synthesis and…… Read More