• Jun8

    Travel Woes Part 2: Norway Edition

    Why do we find comfort in shared discomfort? Knowing someone else went through hard times or even just slightly uncomfortable times that we have also gone through seems to dull the edge a bit. You don’t feel like you’re alone, like you’re unusual, or that what you’ve had to endure is all that unusual, because…… Read More

  • Jun3

    Stuff to Check Out: June in Edmonton Edition

    It finally feels like summer. That means wearing shorts, no need for a jacket, and the dogs going for long walks without having to get boots or coats of their own. It also means the occasional trip to the mountains for hiking, and maybe the odd day off here and there for vacation time. Third,…… Read More

  • Apr27

    Travel Woes, Part 1

    “Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.”   – Anthony Bourdain   “In a nutshell, air travel is the worst part of touring.”  Eric Burdon   About 10 years ago I decided I wanted to put together a life where I would get paid to see the world. I was able…… Read More