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  • Oct24

    Podcast Episode #4: Ross Wilson, Paralympic Double Medallist

    Today I have Ross Wilson on the podcast. Ross just returned from the Paralympic Games in Rio where he managed to get 2 silver medals in track cycling (3000m pursuit) as well as the road cycling time trial. If anyone’s sitting on the couch wondering if they should start working out, or how they can…… Read More

  • Oct16

    How to Teach Workshops to Leverage Your Skillset

    This weekend I’m in Minneapolis with Tony Gentilcore, teaching the last scheduled instalment of Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint before Tony stops sleeping entirely becomes a father. We have a group 0f 50 fitness professionals in the room, and to say we’re stoked to teach would be an understatement. Packed house at the @movementmin today…… Read More

  • Oct13

    The Rate-Limiting Step And Fitness

    In chemistry, there’s a determination to the speed of a kinetic reaction that’s based on the speed of the rate limiting (or rate determining) step. Essentially, the speed of the entire reaction will only work at the speed of this step, as other steps and processes will occur at a faster rate. For example, if…… Read More