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  • Jul18

    3 Ways Pokemon Go is Going To Change The Fitness Industry

    Have you heard about this new game yet? If not, it’s all you’re going to hear about for a while. Pokemon Go was released a little more than a week ago to a select few countries, and over the course of about 48 hours it had more active users than Twitter. Let that sink in…… Read More

  • Jul15

    Best Exercise in Ever: Seated Hip Rotations

    Today I wanted to share a big bang for your buck hip mobility exercise that I’ve been using for myself and my clients for a few months since seeing it at the FRC certification at the Nike headquarters in December. For those who don’t know, this is one of the better mobility seminars I’ve ever…… Read More

  • Jul14

    How to Teach Complex Movements with Layering

    Whenever I teach workshops (like these ones HERE), I tend to break down movements into a lot of detail to help attendees pick up on components that they may not have noticed before. Does their foot position affect their hips? How are they breathing? What joints or segments initiated the movement? Was there any movement…… Read More