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  • Jan23

    Stuff To Check Out: Saskatchewan Edition

    I’m sitting in a conference centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, attending and presenting at the Canadian Strength Symposium this weekend. It’s a rare occasion to be in Saskatchewan in late January where the temperature is above zero, and also a rare event where there’s a relatively big fitness event on the Canadian Prairies. I’m co-presenting with…… Read More

  • Jan22

    The Positivity Mindset and Goal Attainment

    Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm – Winston Churchill Where there is life, there is hope – Stephen Hawking The other day I was training a client, walked over to some equipment to get something they would need, and bumped into a co-worker from head office who was in to do some…… Read More

  • Jan19

    Stretching the Low Back Muscles

    Q: Whenever I do a back extension (e.g., sphinx pose, etc) stretch, the rectus, TVA, etc., are stretching, But where I FEEL it is in the back. How is it that an area where the muscles are held in a relaxed position with slack could feel like it’s tight? This was a variation of a question I…… Read More