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  • Sep10

    Best Exercise In Ever: Butterfly Hip Flow Series

    I’m heading off to London later today to teach a workshop with Tony Gentilcore to a group of almost 30 fantastic trainers and strength coaches, and random folks who just want to deadlift and get selfies with Tony in a collared shirt. Since my plane ride is going to be about 9 hours of red-eye…… Read More

  • Sep1

    Dose Determines Desired Developments: How To Not Fear Foods

    The internet is a weird place some days. I mean REALLY weird. It’s amazing how it can purvey a message from someone who has all of the education of a gnat on a specific topic and make them and internationally recognized “expert” in a field with little more than a broadband connection, a video camera…… Read More

  • Aug26

    10 Lessons on Fitness from Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones, the HBO series based on the novels, has taken the world by storm due to the gratuitous usage of nudity, brothels, beheadings, incest, corruption, nudity, plot twists, throat slits, nudity, and epic battle scenes, amazing sets and a stupid awesome opening sequence. It’s turned average regular folks into stark-raving Dungeons & Dragons…… Read More