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  • Oct28

    Why Adults Can’t Squat Like Babies and Should Stop Trying To

    For some reason, at one point in time or another, someone suggested that since and toddlers can squat with relatively admirable mechanics that this is somehow a trait that has been “trained out” of most people. From there it became a de facto argument as to why we should try to squat “ass to grass”…… Read More

  • Oct24

    Crawling Your Face Off

    I’m a big fan of crawling, and not just for infants, frat boys on Saturday nights, or sniper ninjas sneaking up on their unsuspecting opponents. Crawling is one of those basic “template movements” where a lot of things can happen simply from that position to make adjustments, give variations, and produce entirely different exercises based…… Read More

  • Oct20

    Are We Speaking the Same Language?

    This weekend I was in Sterling, Virginia just outside of DC teaching a workshop with Tony Gentilcore at Underground Athlete, and it was an awesome experience. These are always fun to do, especially when everyone’s jaws hit the floor with some of the cool hacks I show how to do and when we get to…… Read More