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  • Aug16

    Why the Fitness Industry Seems to Hate Cardio

    Admit it, you’ve seen the articles that circulate around saying you’re going to lose all your gains if you do any kind of steady state cardio. They use concepts like increased cortisol, pictures of sprinters against marathon runners, and any manner of false equivalence arguments to say doing cardio is bad and only doing squats…… Read More

  • Jul26

    2 Halfs of a Hamstring

    I had a new marketing pitch from a company that wanted me to promote their new workout program, and after looking through it briefly I decided it wouldn’t be worth my time and effort to give much airtime to it. For one, they had a day devoted entirely to hamstring training, as a fat loss…… Read More

  • Jul24

    Stuff to Check Out: End of July Edition

    This year feels like it’s moving incredibly fast, maybe it’s just me. This has nothing to do with this posts Stuff, but just a general observation. Anyway…..   Speaking Stuff AFPT Convention, Oslo Norway, September 1-3, 2017 I attended this event last year and was kindly asked back to speak again. If you’re looking for…… Read More