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  • Mar20

    Want to Do Dips? Check This First

    There was a point in time where dips composed a significant portion of my own upper body training program. I managed to get pretty strong with them too, being able to do a set of 8 with 135 lbs hanging off my waist. I don’t know if they were the prettiest reps in the world,…… Read More

  • Mar17

    Stuff to Check Out: St. Patricks Day Edition

    Let’s jump right into today’s stuff like a leprechaun jumps after a pot of gold, shall we? Sale Ends Tonight The leader in information on supplements and nutrition has all of their informational products on a steep sale to celebrate their 6th anniversary, and the sale ends TONIGHT at midnight. Get in on it…… Read More

  • Mar15

    Podcast Episode #9: Kamal Patel, Director of

    Today’s podcast has a bit of a nutritional flavour to it with Kamal Patel dropping knowledge about different supplements. Kamal is the director of, and also has had a few guest appearances on this site, namely THIS article, and has been behind some other great posts on different supplements like Creatine,Vitamin D,¬†Whey protein,…… Read More