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  • Oct20

    Are We Speaking the Same Language?

    This weekend I was in Sterling, Virginia just outside of DC teaching a workshop with Tony Gentilcore at Underground Athlete, and it was an awesome experience. These are always fun to do, especially when everyone’s jaws hit the floor with some of the cool hacks I show how to do and when we get to…… Read More

  • Oct17

    How I Almost Drowned In Debt and What It Means To Your Fitness

    When I started university, I got a credit card. It was a big help to have especially when I had to work part time to pay for food and rent and bus passes to get to school, and also when student loans didn’t quite cover the cost of books or other supplies, and especially when…… Read More

  • Oct15

    My Favourite 5 Shoulder Health Exercises

    Keeping shoulders healthy and moving without completely reeking of sucktitude is a big part of what I do on a daily basis. Most of my clients have pre-existing issues, but those who don’t are typically just waiting to have something go wrong as they’re the typical cubicle jockeys who hunch over their spreadsheets and want…… Read More