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  • Feb25

    Highly Rated Exercise: Stepback Lunge

    Today’s guest post comes from James Harris of JamesHarrisTraining. He’s an up and coming writer who also works with me at the same club I work at, and has an even more off-putting sense of humour than I do!! Enjoy.   Ain’t no party like the step back party. SSSSSS-Club. I’m gonna show you how…awesome…… Read More

  • Feb23

    Exercise You Could Probably Do Without: Backwards Facing Adductor Machine

    Part of being in the fitness industry is seeing what everyone else does for their workouts in some form or another. The most popular folks on social media seem to be the ones who are very photogenic, take a lot of pics and videos from unique angles, and highlight their……assets, very well. One cool thing…… Read More

  • Feb20

    Never “Just Give a Workout”

    Today’s guest post comes to you from my good buddy Jonathan Goodman, head honcho at the Personal Training Development Center and globe-trotting ex-pat Canadian. ***** “X” walked into my office nervously. Well, his name wasn’t actually X but I’m going to call him X because I don’t want to say his real name. After talking…… Read More