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  • Jun26

    Stuff to Check Out: Before the Long Weekend Edition

    Spolier alert: I’m putting all of my digital products on sale at the end of the week. Clear some credit card room now. Post Rehab Essentials V.2.0? –> Yep Ruthless Mobility? –> indeed Advanced Core Training? –> Well, yeah, I said everything. High Tensile Strength? –> Yes, again everything is on sale Complete Shoulder &…… Read More

  • Jun23

    Podcast Episode #11: Jeff Halevy

    Today I was able to sit down and chat with Jeff Halevy, CEO of Halevy Life and media personality (fitness correspondent for NBC’s Today Show, host of Workout from Within, syndicated in over 30 countries), and he was able to chat about a lot of different topics, ranging from his history as a trainer working…… Read More

  • Jun16

    Last Minute Fathers’ Day Gift Ideas

    It’s Father’s Day this weekend. I’m sure your dad would love nothing more than a fifth tie he doesn’t wear, a new barbeque apron, or some fancy golf glove(s), but maybe he’s like my dad and when he wants something he just goes out and gets it himself, or the stuff that he wants and…… Read More