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  • Apr16

    Strength Comes First: How to Effectively Prioritize a Training Program

    With very few exceptions, the expression of strength should be a key feature in any program focused on aesthetics, performance, and even rehabilitation. The most beneficial movements tend to rely on total body tension development, and requires a systemic approach to moving a weight from position A to position B. Consider how this could be…… Read More

  • Apr14

    Strength is Corrective

    Today I’ve got a guest post from Bret Contreras on how he’s used strength to recover from a pretty significant back injury. Bret’s one of the top coaches in the world, consistently featured on all the top publications and websites, plus he’s in the final stages of a PhD in exercise science, which means the…… Read More

  • Apr10

    Shout Out to Rick Kaselj

    Today my wife and I are heading out to Vancouver to so I can teach a workshop with Rick Kaselj and she can enjoy Vancouver without any trace of snow or freezing temperatures. This is somewhat of a big deal for me, as it’s kind of coming full circle with how I started in the…… Read More