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  • May29

    Stuff to Check Out: Tony’s Getting Married in Florida edition

    I’m about to go crush some weights at CSP Jupiter, and by crush I mean gracefully meander around the gym and try to get the feeling back in my feelings after spending the better part of yesterday travelling from Edmonton to the exact farthest point on the continent from Edmonton. Seriously, 2 planes, 2 hours…… Read More

  • May21

    Beyond the Butt Wink: Part 3

    So in my attempt to break the internet, the previous two components of this series looked at the specific research behind the variations in hip structure and the relative risk of injuries associated with some of those alignments (Part 1 HERE) and also methods you could use to assess yourself to determine not only the…… Read More

  • May19

    Beyond Butt Wink: Part 2

    In Part One of this series, I wanted to show some of the specific research that points to different anatomical variances in the hip and how they can affect the range of motion of the individual, as well as what these ranges of motion could mean in terms of injury risk and possible performance benefits…… Read More