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  • Mar27

    The Long View of Training

    Today’s guest post is from Greg Nuckols, an emerging strength coach for whom I have a world of respect.   I intend to still be picking up heavy things 40 years from now. I assume that’s also your intention. That intent should change how you look at the training process. We live in a society…… Read More

  • Mar23

    5 Random Training Concepts Slightly Pertaining to Squats

    Lately I’ve had a lot of stuff swirling around in the ol’ noggin, what with training clients, organizing a couple different products to be released soon, getting some presentations ready for future seminars and workshops, plus building a house and digging out of the occasional spring snow storm. 2 words: SNOW BLOWER!!! As a result,…… Read More

  • Mar20

    Fix These Stretches and Positions to Improve Your Health and Performance

    Today’s guest post comes from Matthew Ibrahim, owner and operator of Mobility 101 blog and Fix Your Mobility account on Instagram. He’s a trainer and physical therapy assistant in Medford, MA. How often during stretching are you actually thinking about whether or not what you’re doing is correct? A few “classic” stretches immediately come to mind. Do you…… Read More