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  • Jul14

    5 Things I’ve Been Wrong About and How I Updated my Thoughts on Them

    One of the fun processes to moving is packing. And by fun I mean I want to take a rusty lawn rake and slowly exfoliate my eyeballs while listening to Justin Beiber sing a Tiny Tim song in falsetto. But during the process of packing and moving you tend to have to go through stuff…… Read More

  • Jul10

    Best Portrayals of Personal Trainers in Cinematic History

    Personal trainers are rarely the leading men in movies, which is kind of irksome to those of us who are constantly thinking we’re super heroes on a daily basis. I mean come on, at least we could be the quirky individual in a rom com once in a while, but alas, such is the life…… Read More

  • Jul7

    Stuff to Check Out: New House Edition

    Well, we’re officially moved in to the new house, and starting to find homes for our various objects. We have a few appointments to get some things finished up, like a final lighting installation, HVAC inspection, landscaping, and fun stuff like that, so it’s a good thing I took this week off as a vacation…… Read More