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  • Aug27

    Let’s Stop Calling Exercises “Functional,” Shall We?

    A massive buzz word in the fitness industry is “functional,” which is touted as being an exercise or type of exercise that is thought to help with completing activities of daily living, or to help improve specific aspects of performance for certain activities like sports and being awesome in general. In many ways this is…… Read More

  • Aug19

    Strength Training vs. Corrective Exercise: Which Rules?

    Today I have a guest post from Dr. Evan Osar, chiropractic physician, author, and all around awesome resource for learning how the body works and responds to exercise, and also the creator of the new Integrative Corrective Exercise Specialist educational course to help trainers, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, chiropractors and medical doctors have a new opportunity…… Read More

  • Aug17

    5 Coaching Cues to Immediately Improve Basic Movements

    There’s always a fine line between doing an exercise well and doing it to make everyone in the gym think you’re trying to do a version of the Humpty Dance mixed with a grand maul seizures for time. I mean it would be easy to be a technique nazi about every single thing people do, but there’s…… Read More