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  • Sep26

    Random Training Ramblings: Neutral Spine Concepts

    The more I read and learn about anatomy and physiology, the more I begin to learn that there are no hard and fast concepts that stand up with all people at all times, and the more I start to see that what’s commonly used may be less than ideal. Neutral spine is one of those…… Read More

  • Sep15

    Podcast Q & A with Dr. Stuart McGill

    Today I have a podcast with Dr. Stuart McGill where I asked him a whole bunch of questions and he was kind enough to fill about 90% of the time with his insights. He’s a very animated speaker, so watching the video gives you a solid understanding of what’s happening, but the audio at the…… Read More

  • Sep15

    35 Lessons from Non-Fitness Sources – Part 2

    Earlier this week I put up Part 1 of this series, so check it out if you haven’t. I’ll wait here until you’ve read it.  <checks email, pay bills, twiddles thumbs> You good now? Okay, let’s dive right into part 2. #13. The Basics should always be the primary focus Steve Nash was one of…… Read More