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  • Nov21

    Best Exercise In Ever: Ab Wheel Rollout Tutorial

    I’m about to head out the door to catch a flight to Los Angeles for what should be an awesome weekend. Tony Gentilcore and I are teaching a workshop in Anaheim at Crossfit 714, and then Lindsay and I will head out to Hermosa Beach for a couple days, maybe tour into Hollywood, stalk some…… Read More

  • Nov19

    Low Hanging Fruit and the Small Steps with Big Payoffs

    Every day I work with people who try to instill some form of change into their lives, whether it’s beginning an exercise program, sticking to a solid nutritional strategy, finding time to get in some recreational activities, or balancing everything with working intense hours. In doing this, I’ve found that trying to mould someone into…… Read More

  • Nov17

    Foam Rolling Isn’t Stretching, But It’s Still Important

    A lot of controversy has developed as to what exactly is happening when you use a foam roller in terms of what is actually happening at the near cellular level to allow for new range of motion, and whether rolling itself is even necessary or potentially harmful. Personally and anecdotally, I roll and get my…… Read More