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  • May27

    Taking the Long View in Fitness

    Today’s a pretty big day. Later today I go to pick up a new car, which is pretty sweet in itself, but it’s more sweet in the fact that I have finances in order to cover the next 6 months of payments without having to worry about whether we’re going to have to choose between…… Read More

  • May21

    Lift Small to Get Big: Training Scapular Stabilizers to Help Your Heavy Lifts

    Today is day one of the Complete Shoulder & Hip workshop in Oslo, Norway, meaning Tony is dropping shoulder shenanigans all day long. Fittingly, today’s guest post is all about shoulder awesomeness from Caleb Smith, a Masters in Physiotherapy student at the University of Manitoba. Enjoy!! ***** Like a lot of people, you probably haven’t…… Read More

  • May19

    5 Black Holes of Fitness That Are Holding You Back

    Greetings from Oslo!! We arrived very late last night after flying out from Prague, and spent most of the day touring the city, especially the fortress and castle down by the harbour. It was like walking through an episode of Game of Thrones, except without the risk of imminent death. So as the vacation continues,…… Read More