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  • Apr17

    3 Weekend Mobility Drills to Help you Enjoy Spring

    The other day Lindsay and I did a walk through on our house and we’re definitely getting closer to getting into that sucker. They were installing the railing, had all of the walls painted and had all of the cabinets in, which means it’s in the home stretch to being finished and we’re on plan…… Read More

  • Apr14

    Training With A Chronic Illness

    Today’s guest post comes from Kelsey Reed, a trainer and co-owner of Strength and Performance Training in Fairfax City, Virginia. I met Kelsey when her and her husband attended mine and Tony’s workshop in the DC area last October, and was very impressed by both her and her husband. ***** Most of fitness literature out…… Read More

  • Apr9

    Best Exercise In Ever: Modified Side Plank

    I’m sitting at the terminal waiting to fly to Las Vegas for some much needed time off with the wife, so today’s post isn’t going to be terribly long, but should still pack in all of the awesome. I usually don’t ball out when we go to Vegas, and this trip won’t be much different…… Read More