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  • Sep22

    Why I’ve Given Up On Running

    For the majority of my life, I’ve used running as a means to stay fit, play sports, or just to mindlessly sweat for a good 30 or 40 minutes. I played sports throughout high school and the first part of university before a back injury sidelined me permanently. At that time, running was a piece…… Read More

  • Sep17

    Coregasms Survey Results

    A few months ago, Bret Contreras and I met up in Kansas City, and through the normal course of conversations, we wound up taking some tangential lines of discussion and wound up discussing the mechanisms of female coregams, or exercise induced orgasms (EIO’s). We each postulated a theory as to how we thought it would…… Read More

  • Sep15

    How Do You Program for That?

    This past weekend Tony Gentilcore and I were teaching a 2 day workshop at The Third Space in London, UK to a great group of really switched on trainers. We covered the gambit from the basics of the squat and deadlift, to fixing wonky squat patterns, to breathing and how to implement it into a…… Read More