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  • Apr21

    10 Ways To Increase Your Fitness Results Immediately

    Before we start in on the post for the day, I just wanted to mention that my premium group is entering into the third full month, and wanted to invite you to join up. You can even enter the coupon DSWT101 to save $10 off your first month. The caveat is there’s only 4 spots…… Read More

  • Apr19

    2 Big Announcements for Easter Weekend

    Okay, so I know everyone is probably enjoying a long weekend, whether you choose to observe this weekend as religious or not, so I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I did want to give you some much needed information on a couple of really big thins coming up. First, I’m…… Read More

  • Apr16

    Strength Comes First: How to Effectively Prioritize a Training Program

    With very few exceptions, the expression of strength should be a key feature in any program focused on aesthetics, performance, and even rehabilitation. The most beneficial movements tend to rely on total body tension development, and requires a systemic approach to moving a weight from position A to position B. Consider how this could be…… Read More