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  • Jun27

    Overhead Motions in Hockey Players: Should You Even Go There?

    I’ve had the fortune to work with a bunch of hockey players of different levels through my career: many in one-on-one scenarios, a few junior teams and even a chance to assess a pro team. It’s a unique sport where much of the game is played in a hunched over position, they ride around on…… Read More

  • Jun15

    Random Points from Watching Functional Stability Training: Optimizing Performance

    As I alluded to in the last post, Eric Cressey and Mike Reinold released the latest installment of their awesome Functional Stability Training series, this time focusing on some of the lesser-known details that can take a good program into being a great one, and help make coaches and therapists that much better in their…… Read More

  • Jun13

    Qualifying Movement as a Coach

    Coaches and trainers always look to give their clients better results with programming, and much of that comes to setting them up in the best positions and situations to get the best results possible from the specific exercises being used. If I want a client to do a dumbbell row because it works their lat…… Read More