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  • Aug4

    Advanced Core Training On Sale Again

    A few weeks ago I launched my newest video product, Advanced Core Training, and was incredibly surprised by how awesome the response was.   The response was so good, I decided to put it on sale again, and this time threw in a few additional bonuses too. Now Available with Continuing Education Credits The NSCA…… Read More

  • Jul31

    Stuff to Check Out: July-s Over Edition

    It’s been a bit of a whirlwind month, what with moving into a new house, buying furniture for said house so we weren’t eating off of upside down milk crates, and training a lot of sessions. It’s weird, normally in July a good chunk of my clients take vacations since their kids are out of…… Read More

  • Jul14

    5 Things I’ve Been Wrong About and How I Updated my Thoughts on Them

    One of the fun processes to moving is packing. And by fun I mean I want to take a rusty lawn rake and slowly exfoliate my eyeballs while listening to Justin Beiber sing a Tiny Tim song in falsetto. But during the process of packing and moving you tend to have to go through stuff…… Read More