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  • Apr1

    Shoulder Programming for Dummies

    Shoulder anatomy is pretty amazingly complex for such a relatively open area of the body. The basic joint is the glenohumeral, the ball and socket joint that produces most of the movemment. The secondary joints include the scapulothoracic, acromioclavicular and sternoclavicular, which allow the arm to move through a range of motion in the saggital…… Read More

  • Mar31

    8 Strategies That Took My Deadlift To The Next Level

    Today’s guest post comes from Eric Cressey, someone who is no stranger to common readers on this site. It’s also about deadlifts, because …… deadlifts. ***** When those “I pick things up and put them down” Planet Fitness commercials came out, I had a good laugh – just like everyone else. Moreoever, much like everyone…… Read More

  • Mar27

    The Long View of Training

    Today’s guest post is from Greg Nuckols, an emerging strength coach for whom I have a world of respect.   I intend to still be picking up heavy things 40 years from now. I assume that’s also your intention. That intent should change how you look at the training process. We live in a society…… Read More