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  • Jul28

    Stuff to Check Out: Pre-Vacation Edition

    As the title eludes, I’ll be beginning a short vacation on Wednesday for about a week and a half. Lindsay and I are travelling to new York City where she’s planning to race in the New York Triathlon, dominating the field, doing flying spears off her bike into unsuspecting half-wheelers waking up REALLY early to…… Read More

  • Jul22

    How My Wife and I Get Through Doing the Dishes and Why Your Workouts Could Use a Compromise

    When my wife and I started dating 10 years ago, we went through the initial learning curve of figuring out how to live with the other person that always has a few bump along the way. She didn’t like that I would throw everything into the laundry and wound up shrinking a few of her…… Read More

  • Jul21

    Best Exercise In Ever: Half Kneeling Active T-Spine Thingamajig

    For a few years now I’ve been working thoracic spine mobility drills into clients programs, and they’ve been working really well. One problem I’ve had with them however, is that most of them tend to exist on the ground, in a quadruped position, or in a very stabilized and supported realm. This is fine and…… Read More