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  • Feb1

    Building the Basement of Champions: How to Build a Legendary Home Gym

    About 2 years ago, my wife and I started gathering the resources and researching the possibility of building a new house. We knew some of the stuff we wanted (a kitchen, more than one working toilet, a fireplace for when it’s -40C outside, a garage, floors, etc), but then it was the “wouldn’t it be…… Read More

  • Jan27

    Mental Health and the Fitness

    Today is Bell Let’s Talk day in Canada, which is a corporate initiative to get people to openly discuss mental health and put resources in front of people who may need it the most. For every tweet, instagram post, Facebook status, or other social media impression involving the #bellletstalk hashtag they will donate 5 cents…… Read More

  • Jan22

    Free Market Economics and the Fitness Industry Evolution

    Yesterday I had to bring my car into the shop to get some work done and found out they would have to keep it overnight to get everything done. As a result of this, I decided I should rent a car to be able to run some errands and go to and from work tomorrow.…… Read More