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  • Jun29

    The Coaching Grey Zone: When to Simply Shut Up

    A common concept that consistently comes up is that exercise technique has to be bullet-proof and perfect for the individual to get the most out of it and to reduce the risks of injury or creating muscle imbalances. While this is true in theory, it’s also incredibly difficult to individualize for the person in front…… Read More

  • Jun23

    Random Thoughts on Anatomy

    A few weeks ago I taught a seminar on Total Hip Training (coincidentally, Tony Gentilcore and I are also teaching a full Total Hip and Shoulder workshop series in EDMONTON, ST. LOUIS, and CHICAGO. Click the cities for more info) and brought up the concepts of individual differences in joint structure, positioning, and even asymmetry…… Read More

  • Jun19

    5 Core Exercises You’ve Probably Never Done

    In keeping with the theme for the week, I wanted to bring you some different core exercises you have likely not done before, and hey if you have you’ll likely benefit from a return to these for a time or two. The main reason to put these together is they’re exercises I’ve featured in some…… Read More