Posted January 18, 2020

Stuff to Check Out: Deep Freeze Edition

We survived it fam. It was colder that a yeti fart this week, with daily highs around -40C on a few occasions, and windchills in the -50s. For those measuring in Freedom units south of the Wall, that’s bloody cold.

It happens every year, and to be fair this year has so far been quite mild, so a short week of bone-snappingly cold temperatures isn’t too bad by comparison of previous years. It’s still nice to be able to walk outside without the air hurting your face though.

Let’s dig into some stuff you can use to improve your hibernation experience.



Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint, Athens Greece – February 29-March 1

Tony Gentilcore and I bring our biggest workshop to date to Greece, and we’re hoping to see you there if you’re able to make it. I hear Greece is warm, especially compared to here.

Click HERE for more info and to register


Scientific Application of Mobility Training – Vancouver, BC Canada May 2

Slightly closer to home, I’ll be doing a one-day seminar on evidence-based mobility training in Vancouver. We’ll go through things like:

  • Differentiation of tissue responses to common mobility modalities
  • individual anatomic variations and assessments, changes in adaptation over aging
  • neurovascular responses to force applications in mobility training scenarios
  • research-based best practices to see specific mobility improvements depending on affected tissues
  • Application of mobility methods (practical section)

Any of my American friends would love the fact that this is priced in Canadian dollars, which is like saving 30% off compared to the US exchange. Any of my Canadian friends will also love that this is priced in Canadian dollars. Plus, at one jam-packed day, you’ll still get to have a piece of a weekend afterwards.

Click HERE for more info and to register


Other Stuff

The Fitness Devil Podcast

I came onto this podcast for the fourth time, this time talking about range of motion, research, reaching people through social media, and a range of other topics too. Give it a listen, plus they’ve had some other really cool guests on in the past if you want to skip over mine and get to the cooler kids.


Losing Weight from your Tongue May Help Improve Sleep Apnea – FirstPost

In what could be called an incredibly strange Clickbait title, this study showed that changing the mechanical elements of the mouth and throat, which could be causative factors of sleep apnea in many, via weight reduction, could cause improvement of symptoms and reduction of incidence of apnea incidence. The researchers showed that a total body weight loss also caused a reduction in tongue mass and volume, which improved airway conduction and reduced symptoms.

Sooooooo……… total body weight loss caused weight loss from the total body, including tongue mass, which helped improve symptoms for apnea.

What’s the over-under on how long it will be before some influencer starts a tongue weight reduction diet and exercise program with grand and unsubstantiated promises to lose targeted tongue weight? I’m guessing 3 months.

The downside to an article like this being published is that it has some really good scientific research being done, then expanded outside of the purpose of the research itself. A total body weight loss came with tongue mass loss, which improved symptoms. A more accurate headline could have been “Losing weight reduces tongue size, reduces sleep apnea”, but accuracy doesn’t get clicks.


The Sorry Experiment – Carmen Ohling

As a Canadian, this experiment affects me right in the culture. It’s an awesome way of breaking out of habitual speech and patterns, and something I’m going to give a try.


Prohibition Started 100 Years Ago Today –

This was a fascinating read into the ending of alcohol sales, which then caused a flourish of organized crime, personal stills, travel to places like Cuba get access to alcohol, and parked boats loaded with scotch.


4 Fitness Career Lessons from Reading Harry Potter – Andrew Coates

It’s massively valuable to have an actual life outside of your career. I’m always surprised when I have to say this, but it begs repeating sometimes. Andrew does a fantastic job outlining how having something other than biomechanics to discuss with your clients can have a massive impact on their progress, form a stronger personal professional relationship with them, and in time help them to see better results. Plus, you’ll be more likely to have a few people want to hang out with you outside of the gym, and having a social life is nice in small doses.


Secret Habits of Top Performers – Ramit Sethi

Do you really think celebrities get into amazing shape for movies or red carpet events because they changed their sheets to a higher thread count? And not to the fact that they had 2 a day workouts with their trainers, specifically dietetic meals prepared from their chefs, and devoted about 20 hours a week towards physical fitness? But sure, thread counts are what sell magazines. This was a great article calling out BS claims and putting the onus back on focused hard work to being good at something.


Social Media Shenanigans

Click the link to see a thread of amazing cartoons to give you a blast from the past.