Posted April 2, 2018

Stuff to Check Out: Post-Easter Edition

Sooooo, who set the top score on MyFitnessPal this past weekend? We hosted dinner on Saturday night and had 10 people crushing turkey, stuffing, and 3 types of pie. Yesterday was steady state cardio for an hour to sweat out the gravy.

Worth it.


Post Rehab Essentials Flash Sale Ends Tonight

I put one of my first video educational products on sale this long weekend for only $47, and the sale ends tonight at midnight, so if you want to see me before I had a beard, plus learn about anatomy and injuries and stuff like that, this is a solid view.

Click HERE to learn more


Speaking Stuff

The Fitness Summit, May 4-5, 2018

Come for the Barbecue, stay for the bourbon, sprinkle in fitness discussions in between. This year Tony Gentilcore and I are doing a pre-conference on all things squat and deadlift, so get on it while there’s still a few spaces.


Maximize Your Barbell Sports workshop – Edmonton, Alberta, May 19 with Sam Spinelli (@thestrengththerapist)

If you do stuff with barbells, you’ll want to get to this seminar. We’ll be covering common injuries, how to overcome them (with info from a DPT candidate who actually lifts), plus how to self-audit your mobility and motor control to get the most from your training to put more weight on the bar.


Even More Complete Hip & Shoulder Blueprint (with Tony Gentilcore)

We’re back, and better than ever. We have dates solidifed in Houston, Slovenia, and Los Angeles for 2018, plus some additional dates coming for 2019. This workshop builds off our first offering and digs deeper, giving attendees immediately actionable info, systems, and thought processes to help them on with clients, whether they’re brand new to working out or gearing up for the Olympics.


Other Stuff

There’s No Such Thing as a “Girl’s Version” of an Exercise – Meghan Callaway

I loved this. I remember a few years ago I posted a video of a female client doing a set of band resisted pushups off the floor, and said since she’s a girl, any pushup she did was a girl version, meaning these band pushups – as well as the chain pushups full chin ups she’d done earlier that session – were all girl exercises, even if some men couldn’t do them.


What Social Media Doesn’t Tell You About Owning a Gym – Mike Connelly via Tony Gentilcore

If you’re good at training, it’s probably the case that you’ll be bad at business or management. If you’re trying to do everything, you’ll wind up doing something poorly, and when it comes to money, there’s very little room for bad decisions. It’s probably why I haven’t opened a gym of my own. it’s easier to lease space and use someone else’s equipment without paying for all of the overhead expenses.


The Reason Why Not All Guys Should Deadlift – Men’s Health UK

I was quoted in the original article a few years ago, but this was a recent repackaging via their UK division. Still, it’s applicable for a lot of people, and not just guys. Some people just don’t respond well to deadlifts, and that’s okay.


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