Maximizing Your Barbell Sports 1-Day Workshop

Bridging the Clinic and the Weightroom to Take Your Olympic Lifting & Powerlifting to the Next Level

Too often a typical timeline of a lifter is to train until an injury pops up, take time off lifting and get treatment to help resolve the injury, then jump back into training at full speed.

This separation of the platform and treatment table is, in most cases, unnecessary. Managing injuries while adjusting training programs can help keep athletes training and seeing progress while also reducing the impact and even healing or preventing those injuries from becoming a limiting factor to training and performance.

This one-day workshop will go through the following concepts:

  • Tendinopathies, an incredibly common issue, how to treat them effectively with the most updated scientific information available (plus treatment demonstrations from Pivotal Physiotherapy)
  • how to still train during these treatments versus having to take time off
  • Self-assessments to use to determine if you need to adjust your own training, or the training of your athletes
  • exercise adjustments to help continue to train hard and improve your ability to get under the bar more effectively without compensative issues.
  • Programming considerations to get the most from your time on the platform and stay healthy for the long term.


When: May 19th, 2018  9:00am – 4:00pm

Where: Evolve Strength Downtown Edmonton (12336 102 Ave, Edmonton AB Canada)






Sam is a Doctor of Physical Therapy Candidate (May 2018) and strength & conditioning coach originally from Edmonton and currently residing in California. He has presented across Canada & the United States for organizations such as the American Physical Therapy Association and Physical Health Education Canada. Having prior experience working with professional hockey & Olympic sport athletes, Sam is well versed with a wide range of athletic development. As a competitive barbell sport athlete, he has specialized in rehabilitation and performance for this population, working with individuals from grass roots to international levels.






Dean is an exercise physiologist and personal trainer in Edmonton, AB. He has been featured in publications such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, T-Nation and, and has taught workshops across North America and Europe. His clients range from cardiac recovery and joint replacement recipients to Olympic and Paralympic medalists, and everyone in between. He has developed a reputation as a leading authority on hip and shoulder mobility and assessment.



$99 plus gst. Non-members of Evolve Strength Downtown will be required to pay a $10 drop in fee to access the facility on the day of the event. Attendees will also receive a goodie bag with sponsored items, and lunch will be catered. Please advise of any specific food allergies at the time of ordering (an email will be sent out shortly before the event to confirm meals).