Posted March 8, 2018

Stuff to Check Out: Mid-March Edition

We just had a hella-big snow storm this past weekend and got 8 inches of fresh powder dumped on the city. That’s ridiculous.

And then I see what’s happening on the east coast. That’s even more ridiculous.

So since everyone north of Carolina is likely digging out or staying inside, or patiently waiting for that Groundhog day prediction to kick in any minute now, here’s some stuff to keep you warm and toasty


Speaking Stuff

Tony Gentilcore and I are working on finalizing some dates for the upcoming year where we’ll be presenting new content for our Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint series, tentatively titled “More Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint.” We’ll release those once we have them all nailed down, but suffice it to say, we’re going international in a big way.


Kansas City Fitness Summit, May 3-5

One of the highlights of the educational calendar, this summit is 50% learning, 50% socializing/eating/enjoying the company of others. Add in that it’s the 10th anniversary and Tony and I are teaching a half-day pre-conference on squats and deadlifts, and you’ll need to get to this for sure.


Maximizing Your Barbell Sports 1-Day Workshop – Evolve Strength downtown Edmonton, May 19th with myself and Sam Spinelli

What do you get when you mix a doctor of physical therapy candidate who loves to train and get his patients into the gym with a meathead who thinks squats are the awesome? I’m sure it will be something special.

This workshop will go through how to prevent common injuries for barbell athletes, fine tuning your set up and positioning, and how and when to involve unlocking or regressed movements to work on sticking points in your technique. Space is limited, and it’s only $99 Canadian, plus we’re buying lunch, so you can’t miss.


Shaunavon, Sask is Canada’s Top Town for Producing Winter Olympic Athletes –

This was pretty cool, especially since my wife grew up in Shaunavon, and as a town of only around 1800 people, that’s pretty neat.

The number 2 spot? My hometown of Rossland, BC. The fact that both the #1 and #2 spots were the hometowns of a married couple is pretty nifty, to say the least.


The Best Squat Variation You’re Not Using – Dre Delos Santos via

It’s awesome to see people you’ve had a hand in educating doing big things on their own. Dre has attended numerous workshops with Tony and I and it was clear to see his passion for helping his clients and educating himself then, and I’m sure he’s only going to continue breaking new ground as he continues his career.


The Problem with Over Coaching and Some Solutions – Erica Suter via

I loved this post, and it reaffirmed a lot of what I try to do in my own coaching. Let someone do something a few times before offering any technique feedback, and try to limit it to one or two things they should focus on. For some of the more complex skills, it’s more about guided discovery.


High Tensile Strength

How’s the New Years Resolution going? Need a bit of a plan of action to help get back on track? I got you. If you haven’t already, pick up a copy of my program, High Tensile Strength to have me design your workouts for the next 6 months, keep you on track, and even provide an app access to help make tracking and figuring out how to do the exercises more effective and easy on the gym floor.

Click HERE for more info


Social Media Highlights

If you’re not already following me on all channels, you’re missing out on other free content I put out regularly, like this:

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Reach for the walls, not for the sky. When doing bird dog exercises, it’s common to see people treat it like a height challenge where they’re trying to get their leg and hand up 🙋‍♀️ in the air like they’re answering a teachers question back in third grade. While this may be an admirable goal, it drives most of the movement through lumbar motion, whilst it’s actually supposed to be encouraging lumbar stabilization. A common solution to this that I’ve found with my clients is to cue them to reach for the walls instead of the ceiling. Changing the direction of focus helps to reduce the need to drive through low back extension, and helps get more of a squeeze through the glutes and abs along the way. Give it a try and see what you think.

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Enjoy your week!!