Posted May 4, 2018

Stuff to Check Out: Fitness Summit 2018 Edition

I’m sitting in the back of the room listening to the amazing Kelly Coffey talk about training recovering addicts while writing this. She’s got an amazing story, so if you haven’t give her a look HERE.

I’m hanging out as Tony Gentilcore and I did the pre conference session together running through squats and deadlifts with about 24 folks with a wide range of backgrounds, ranging from fitness hobbyists to a PhD candidate and some coaches with between 6 months and 25 years of experience coaching others. From what everyone said, they all left feeling like they got something valuable from the workshop.

We’re using a good portion of this content to put in our upcoming “Even MORE Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint” seminar series, which we’re launching in Houston in September, Slovenia in October, and Los Angeles in November.

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Other Speaking Stuff


Maximizing Your Barbell Sport Performance – Edmonton, AB, May 19th

This is coming up quickly, and will feature myself and Sam Spinelli, (provisional DPT) where we dive into how to train around and through common injuries, how to get the best positional set up and build strength for common barbell lifts to help attendees maximize their performance, while also improving their ability to coach the lifts for their clients and athletes.

We’re even buying you lunch.

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For the Love of Animal Rescue Mugs

My wife runs an animal rescue educational blog, and has started to put together some merchandise for sale, where 10% of all sales go towards various animal rescue charities. She’d love it if you were willing to buy a mug to help out animal rescues. Only available in Canada and the US at the moment.

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Deadlifting from the Floor – me via PTDC

This was an article I wrote a few years ago that got a bump recently, and I thought it would be worth re-sharing.


Fixing Dave Tate – EliteFTS

This has been a fascinating series to watch as Dr. John Rusin (a physio trainer) takes former world record holding powerlifter and owner of Elite FTS Dave Tate through a rebuilding program to help identify and address training needs to help get him strong and feel better after decades of pushing the limits of human capacity.


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