Posted May 17, 2018

The L2 Fitness Summit is On Sale

Back in December we released the L2 Fitness Summit video series with myself talking about assessment techniques, program design, and general training stuff that tends to get overly complicated or overlooked, and Dr. Mike Israetel espoused on all things hypertrophy for an entire day, covering everything from volume to intensity to nutrition and even the odd Dragon BallZ reference.

As this marks the 6 month anniversary since the release, we wanted to promote it again with a significant discount for the May long weekend coming up, so now you can get the entire 11 hours of content, plus continuing education credits through the NSCA, for only $77 ($70 off the regular price) until May 20th at midnight.

When we initially launched this series, it was only$50 off the regular price, so you’re getting it at a lower than launch pricing. If you want some free content I put out during the launch I put together THIS POST that outlines 3 different articles and 3 podcast episodes I appeared in giving out free goodness relating to the topics of the summit, so you can feel free to check those out as well.

The sale is on only until May 20th at midnight, so act quick to get your copy for only $77, which is less than $7 an hour of video, essentially making it half the cost of any of the “50 Shades of Grey” DVDs or Blue Rays, and they give you so much more than a sense of needing a shower 2 hours of your life back after watching.


Click HERE for more info and to get your copy