Posted December 9, 2017

Stuff to Check Out: L2 Fitness Summit Edition

With the launch of the L2 Fitness Summit this week, I’ve put out a bunch of free content that helped lend some ideas towards what the content in the video series is all about, and I wanted to share all the excellence that covered most of the internet. The video series is still on sale for only $97 until December 10th at midnight, so if you haven’t picked up your own copy yet, you should get on it while you can still save $50.


Women and Hypertrophy: Why Should Jill Get Jacked? – Me via

In what may likely be the most clever blog post title I’ve ever come up with, I make the case as to why even if a female isn’t looking to get “bulky” they could still benefit from some strict hypertrophy training as a portion of their training program.

Podcast Appearance: Grit Gym Facebook Live

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Adam Rees to talk about mobility training and how you can tell whether you need to spend time developing passive range of motion or working into active range of motion.

Should You Even Stretch? – via

Piggy-backing on the above, I talked about whether you actually need to stretch or spend your valuable workout time doing other ventures of training to help you see the gains you’re looking for. Not everyone needs to or should do static stretching, and in this post I outline what situations would require it and what options you could use if you didn’t.

What Assessments Work Best? – via

I’d love it if someone could come up with a singular assessment that could benefit geriatrics, young athletes, office workers, medical management clients, and recreational lifters all at the same time, but until that happens, we have to understand the limitations of what we currently have in terms of assessments and figure out how to flex our approach to get the most from what we’re able to do. This article outlines most of my thought process on assessments and how to approach different populations effectively.

Podcast Appearance with Iraki Nutrition

More mobility training for the folks in Norway, although after working with some Norwegians they probably don’t need it. If you’ve watched Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint and saw the entire room wind up doing pistol squats without even thinking about it, you’re right in assuming they’re all some flexible mofos.

Podcast Appearance with Push Pull Legs

This one’s for the British folk! We dig into some mobility concepts, my dislike of burgers and preference of steaks, how to make a good milkshake, and some other shenanigans.

So now that I’ve plied you with copious amounts of free content, what’s keeping you from purchasing the L2 Fitness Summit and getting so much more content, with deeper explanations and understanding of fairly complex topics, topical dad-jokes, and the odd off-colour 90’s pop culture reference? The series is on sale for $50 off until December 10th at midnight, so pick up a copy, get some continuing education credits, be the envy of all your friends and family around the Christmas table, and get your copy today.

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