Posted April 12, 2018

How Fitness Professionals can Not Suck at Business

Let’s face it, fitness professionals for the most part have next to zero business sense. I can count the number of business courses I did in my entire degree on one hand and not use any fingers or my thumb. I’m sure most other trainers fall into the same boat.

Marketing? Nothing

Social Media? I graduated at the time “The Social Network”s source material was still stuck in a dorm room.

Accounting, lease negotiations, scheduling, HR, balance sheets? Hell no. I count to 10 and on occasion, twelve.

Because of this, a lot of very gifted trainers and fitness professionals wind up either going out of business or not getting enough clients to sustain a basic capability of living, and wind up “retiring” or getting into a more secure career in some other industry.

So where do trainers look when they’re looking to understand more of the back side of an excel file with dollar signs instead of rep ranges? They may pick up a book or see if their accountant can give them some advice, but it’s usually not very specific to what they’re going through.

Maybe they join a mastermind where they learn how to do some basic elements of all of the above, based on the organizers success and skillset. These can be hit or miss, depending on who organizes them. They may or may not have someone involved who actually specializes in stuff like social media management, website development, or business strategy that can actually work for a fitness professional and be scalable to build your empire effectively.

That’s why I wanted to introduce you to a good friend and his new venture. Jeff Halevy, owner of Halevy Life in NYC, recently named to Inc. magazines top 5000 business ventures, while also appearing in “Workout from Within” television series, working on Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” childhood obesity campaign, and has also appeared on a podcast episode I did a while back, has been a business coach and mentor for years to many big organizations, and now he wants to help trainers get better at doing that business thing so they can continue to do what they love: change lives for the better.

He’s teamed up with a business strategist, social media expert, and website developer to build a “Fitness Business MBA” program, kicked off with a free webinar.

PRO-Fit Accelerator will go through detailed info on how to actually structure a business, dig into detailed info on how to set up a social media strategy, and how to build an effective website that clients will actually enjoy.

They also have some serious packages of business coaching available for people who need some more individualized attention in addition to the course work, and if you’re interested in any of those, just enter coupon code “DEAN10” to get 10% off at check out on any order you go for.

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Check out the free webinar HERE:
  2. Go be awesome. Seriously, there’s no other requirement to this. If all you want to do is check out the free webinar, you can absolutely do that.
  3. If you want to set up for the online course with different coaching options, click HERE to see the options
  4. When prompted at checkout, enter “DEAN10” to save 10% off your order.

The webinar is free until April 15th, and the course will begin on April 15th, so if you want to get in on this, you should definitely do it.

  • If you’re not making as much money from training as you’d like
  • If you want to scale your business to earn more per hour without sacrificing quality
  • if you want to improve prospecting and get more consults with a higher chance of getting those consults to become clients
  • if you want to understand what is needed to open your own facility, create a brand, or build an empire out of dumbbells and burpees
  • if you want to dominate social media without hocking diet teas or butt selfies

You should definitely do this course.

Click HERE for the free webinar

Click HERE for the coaching courses and enter code “DEAN10” for 10% off.